4th March 2019



We are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new digital offering for our selection tool, Lumina Select. The new digital selection offering includes the Lumina Applicant Tracker, the Lumina Job Profiler, the interactive Lumina Select Portrait Walkthrough, and the Lumina Select Interview Guide.



What is Lumina Select?


Lumina Select is the bespoke recruitment tool which helps you match the right people to the right jobs. Lumina Select draws on Lumina Spark to create a portrait of a candidate’s preferences and qualities. Knowing this, recruiters can tailor interviews to better explore a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, helping to find the right people, ask the right questions, uncover hidden potential, and avoid costly recruitment errors. Lumina Select is designed to increase awareness for both the recruiter and the candidate so they can both get a better sense of the qualities needed for a particular role within the culture of an organisation.



How does it work?


Lumina Select uses personality to predict ‘competency potential’. Competency potential is the set of behaviours associated with having a certain competency. This approach helps make the recruitment process more scientific. It also identifies talented candidates who might be overlooked in more traditional selection approaches.


Years of research show that personality can be used to predict patterns of behaviour. A well-suited personality can contribute to a person’s success in a role, while a poorly-suited personality can be a blocker to success. Our research shows that personality can account for up to 18% of the variance in job performance.


Based on Lumina Spark and the Lumina Learning competencies, the colourful Lumina Select model is highly visual and easy to understand. It also offers and easy transition from recruitment to development, with potential for onboarding a new employee.



What does the new digital offering add?


Our comprehensive digital Lumina Select offering features a suite of online tools that are flexible and customisable:


  • The Lumina Job Profiler, helping identify the key competencies for success in a role
  • The Lumina Select Portrait Walkthrough, for exploring a candidate’s personality and competencies in detail
  • The Lumina Select Interview Guide, helping you find the right questions to ask a candidate


These are all presented in Lumina Learning’s very own applicant tracking system (ATS). The Lumina Applicant Tracker allows you to sort, filter, and track applicants for multiple roles and to quickly and easily move candidates through the application process.


Every role is unique and therefore requires a recruitment solution that reflects this uniqueness. The Lumina Job Profiler allows you to tailor your digital Lumina Select profile to focus on the most relevant competencies for each role you are hiring for. You can also use our helpful job specific competency templates based on real data to help guide your competency selection. The best part is you can create unlimited job profiles and tailor your digital Lumina Select reports as many times as you like at no extra cost.


  1. Reviewing, tracking, and sifting candidates is easier than ever
  2. Helps identify the key competencies for success in each role
  3. Offers an interactive deep-dive into a candidate’s personality and competencies
  4. Creates fully customisable candidate interview guides, helping you ask the right questions



Stewart Desson, CEO of Lumina Learning, said:


“The Lumina Select offering has two main goals. The first is to reduce the cost of the recruitment process, through slick administration and the quicker onboarding of the right people. The second goal is to enhance the quality of the process so that the selected candidates are much more likely to stay for longer and be happy in their roles.


“If an organisation needs to bring new people in, Lumina Select is for them. If an organisation needs to on-board its new people around a specific culture, Lumina Select is for them. If an organisation needs to develop its people and ultimately develop high-performing teams and transformational leaders, Lumina Select is for them.”


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