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White Papers - 25/09/2023
Why Neurodivergence Is A Superpower

Assets. Not liabilities. Those who have different ways of seeing the world from others should be empowered to perform at their best. To be seen as assets, not liabilities.   A Broken Lens It’s a mission we’re committed to, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it’s the smart thing

Case Studies - 14/08/2023
Creating Successful leadership transitions for Exeltis (en_us translation)
Lumina Spark Lumina Select Leadership Development

Exeltis     Business Need Exeltis had a new business strategy that was being implemented with a change in Leadership. The organisation wished to consolidate the business and bring in new processes. The leadership team was getting equipped to lead the changes and Urvashi and Suva, Lumina qualified leaders at Reflexion, initiated a Leadership Journey

Interviews - 08/08/2023
Stewart Desson on “Embracing the Paradox” (en_us translation)

Lumina Learning CEO and Founder Dr Stewart Desson embraces the complexity of people’s personalities to help companies improve performance. In an interview with Insigniam Quarterly magazine, he discusses how Lumina Learning’s novel approach to psychometric testing embraces the complexity of people. By doing so, it helps individuals, teams, and organisations improve performance and drive remarkable

Case Studies - 16/05/2023
LIXIL Corporation, Japan
Lumina Spark Lumina Leader

    Team-building, leadership, and culture-change with Lumina Spark and Lumina Leader   Mireille Watanabe Handover, Lumina Learning Partner     “I always thought that I was an easy and co-operative person to work with. However, the Lumina Learning workshops showed that in reality I left my “easy co-operative” style at home and, previously in

Case Studies - 01/11/2022
The Children’s Society (en_us translation)
Lumina Spark Lumina Select

Collaborate Business Solutions and the Children’s society – Excellence in People Development The Children’s Society, formally the Church of England Children’s Society, is a children’s charity allied to the Church of England. Its objectives are twofold: To improve the lives of children and young people for whom it provides services. To create a positive shift

White Papers - 12/10/2022
Qualities Required for Emotional Fitness in the 21st Century Police Force

“Among the 21st Century law enforcement challenges such as civil unrest, highly publicized officer encounters, community relations, building trust and legitimacy, and critical incidents resulting from mental illness, law enforcement officers today are facing an unprecedented frequency and intensity of emotionally charged situations.” – Chief Brian Harvey, Police Chief of Allen, Texas   Police forces

Articles - 02/12/2021
Choosing Your Lumina Account – Essentials vs Premium

Which Account Option is best for you? We are where business psychology meets technology, and when it comes to innovative psychometrics, we have changed the game.   We set ourselves apart from the competition with three simple but effective principles underpinning every product we offer.   1. Smart data, Simple Language 2. We value different

Case Studies - 19/11/2021
Leading in a Crisis

Supporting APAC Leaders Global business shaping electrical world. Business Need The APAC Leadership community identified the need to be trained virtually on aspects of Leading In A Crisis (this was May 2020 – the world was struggling with the sudden impact of Covid).   The organisation, through informal internal feedback from various levels, was hearing

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