Interviews - 08/08/2023
Stewart Desson on “Embracing the Paradox” (en_us translation)

Lumina Learning CEO and Founder Dr Stewart Desson embraces the complexity of people’s personalities to help companies improve performance. In an interview with Insigniam Quarterly magazine, he discusses how Lumina Learning’s novel approach to psychometric testing embraces the complexity of people. By doing so, it helps individuals, teams, and organisations improve performance and drive remarkable

Interviews - 09/11/2021
Practitioner Spotlight 04 – Delivering Blended Learning with Athena Professional

A little about Nicola & Athena I practised as a barrister before moving to become Director of Legal Skills Training at the University of Warwick, School of Law.  In 2009, I founded my first learning company delivering accredited qualification programmes to regulatory bodies.  I co-founded Athena Professional in 2013. We have since won several national

Interviews - 25/09/2020
Using Lumina Spark as part of the mediation process

Where does Lumina Spark fit within the mediation process? We spoke to leading dispute resolution specialist Clive Lewis OBE to get the answers.

Interviews - 25/09/2020
Young leaders discuss Lumina Spark and leadership today

What part can Lumina Spark play in developing young leaders of the future? We talk to some young leaders to get their thoughts on leadership today.

Interviews - 25/09/2020
Lumina Select interview with Dr Stewart Desson & Julie Ensor

We speak to CEO Dr Stewart Desson and Product Development Lead Julie Ensor about the new digital offering for Lumina Select.

Interviews - 25/09/2020
Julie Ensor discusses the scientific notions behind Lumina Emotion
Individual Development

Julie Ensor talks emotional intelligence, the challenges and advantages emotions raise in the workplace, and the development of Lumina Emotion.

Interviews - 25/09/2020
Future Worlds speaks to Lumina Learning CEO

Future Worlds speaks to Stewart Desson, Lumina Learning CEO, about the challenges and opportunities facing young entrepreneurs.

Interviews - 25/09/2020
Dr Stewart Desson On What Makes Lumina Spark Different

Dr Stewart Desson discusses what makes Lumina Spark different amongst other personality tools in this recent interview with household Korean media outlet, Maeil Business Times.

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