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    The Future of Remote Working Live Experience 1000-1100hr UK Time
    Thu 11 Nov 10:00 GMT - Thu 11 Nov 11:00 GMT
    The Future of Remote Working Live Experience 1600-1700hr UK Time
    Thu 11 Nov 16:00 GMT - Thu 11 Nov 17:00 GMT
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The Future of Remote Working Live Experience

We are all aware of how significant the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has been across all sectors of work, and the impact it has had on people’s lives. The big question is – has this fundamentally changed who we are? Or will the roll out of vaccines result in a ‘flip back’ to times pre-Covid?


Our research so far shows that in the last six months the current COVID-19 crisis:


  •  – Changed the context in which we live and work
  •  – Impact of remote working
  •  – Attitudes towards work and employers
  •  – The need for support from employers
  •  – Changed our thoughts
  •  – Changed our feelings/emotions
  •  – Changed our everyday behaviour
  •  – Changed our response to pressure


Our aim is to help Line managers, HR and Practitioners better understand the impact on, and needs of, the individuals, teams and organisations that they support.


On this live session explore our research findings on impact that personality has on remote working performance and well-being, and share our recommendations for how organisations can adapt ready for the future.


Choose from one of the following starting times on November the 11th:


  • – 10:00am
  • – 04:00pm

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