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21 Nov

Virtual Event

Lumina Select Live Experience

Lumina Select

Every organisation has its own identity that will shape the requirements of its selection process. Successfully identifying and selecting strong candidates is a crucial part of growing a business.

By enhancing communication between candidates and recruiters, Lumina Select helps identify the best people to complement your organisation. Uncover hidden potential. Ensure expectations are understood clearly by both sides.


Enhancing communication between candidates and recruiters

Lumina Select is designed to increase awareness for both the recruiter and the candidate so they can both get a better sense of the qualities needed for a particular role within the culture of an organisation.

  • Measures 16 job competencies
  • Clear, easy to understand, one-page summary report
  • Shows candidates’ strengths and weaknesses


Joining in on one of our live experiences is the best way to find out what we’re all about, and also what value Lumina Select can offer you!


Choose from one of the following starting times:

  • 10:00am
  • 04:00pm

We hope to see you there!


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