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21 Jul

Virtual Event

Lumina Spark & the 24 Qualities Live Experience 1000-1100hr & 1600-1700 UK Time

Lumina Spark

Join us for an immersive live experience of Lumina Spark, our industry-leading personal development solution that helps you increase organsational communication, collaboration, inclusivity and productivity across individuals, teams and leaders.


What to expect

You’ll receive a complimentary Lumina Spark portrait to help you explore Lumina Spark’s core model, principles and explore the colourful 24 trait-based qualities, all supported with interactive activities and discussion with our session leader Mireille Watanabe.


Session Agenda

  • An introduction to Lumina Spark – building the 4 Archeotypes, 8 Aspects and 24 Quality model, and Lumina Spark’s key principles for effective development.
  • Lumina Spark’s 24 Qualities – volunteer and group lead development using the Lumina Spark portrait across the 24 Qualities
  • A brief overview of Lumina Spark’s digital suite features and our leadership, emotional intelligence, sales and selection solutions


We hope to see you there!


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