How focused are you on the crucial emerging people challenges of 2023?

Across the two days we’ll be exploring:

  • How can we evolve selection and learning and development solutions for  emerging trends of 2023?
  • How do we continue to support diversity in organizations, both widely and on specific topics like gender and neurodivergence?
  • How do we use virtual tools to support inclusion in the workplace?
  • How does learning need to adapt in the hybrid workplace?
  • How can virtual solutions create learning and connectivity between people?
  • How to get the most from our existing and latest tools, scale your solutions, and create a powerful pitch for internal or external stakeholders?
Bringing senior leaders, managers, L&D and HR together to create change
19-20 April, Stonebriar Country Club, Frisco, TX
We're bringing the vital voices and communities together to explore what behavioral trends are occurring right now and how you can respond to help maximize the potential of individuals, teams, and leaders.
Come along for a range of free topical tip talks and workshops across hybrid working, diversity, inclusion and personal development by global experts Rebecca Bales and Dr. Stewart Desson to ask the questions that matter most and get the head start you need.
Lumina Link is your chance to meet with likeminded communities and global experts to get ahead of the trends that impact the performance of individuals, teams, and leaders. Join us and we’ll help solve your questions with the support needed to create meaningful, long-term change.
What to expect each day
Wednesday 19 Apr
Morning Coffee & Networking Welcome & Why Personality Matters Is Inclusivity in Crisis Coffee Break Social Organizations Making an Impact Developing Your Hybrid Heroes
Afternoon Building Inclusivity at Choctaw Nation - Together We're More Facilitating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion conversations utilizing Lumina The Power of Context Coffee Break Building Organizational culture utilizing Lumina Spark Creating Inclusivity Amongst Teams and Leaders Workshop Closing & Awards Ceremony
Raffle & Cocktail Reception 🥂
Thursday 20 Apr - Lumina Qualified Practitioner Masterclass
Morning Coffee & Networking Executive Panel: The Consultant Toolkit for the New Era Coffee Break Practitioner Panel: Leveraging Inclusivity through the Lumina Tools Sparking Up Your Innovation Workshop
Afternoon Developing Authentic Women Leaders Coaching with Lumina: Get resources such as coaching questions & approach on Executive, Team and Group Coaching Latest Products and Resources to Transform Your Work Exclusive Practitioner Resources Closing Ceremony
Speakers at Lumina Link

Rebecca Bales

Lumina Learning Partner, USA

Speaking on Personality, Inclusivity and Organizations Making an Impact; Tools to Create Inclusive Teams

Rebecca is an expert in Organizational and Human Development. She has worked in this field since 1995 and has a background in Psychology and Human Dynamics with her graduate work in Organizational Development. Rebecca is an ACC certified coach through the International Coaching Federation, is an adjunct professor in Leadership Development at the University of Texas at Dallas and is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and the National Speakers Association.


Her experience as an organizational consultant and executive coach ranges from Fortune 500 companies to privately owned mid-size and public-sector clients.

Dr. Stewart Desson

Expert Global Speaker & Lumina Learning CEO

Speaking on Personality, Leadership, Innovation and Hybrid Work Environments

Dr. Stewart Desson is the CEO and founder of Lumina Learning. He has a passion for Presenting and building the community of like-minded professionals who are using Lumina Learning’s offerings to help organizations become more effective through focusing on the development of their people.


Stewart is also a highly experienced Business Psychologist and Organisation Development Consultant and travels internationally as an inspirational speaker and sought-after change agent.

Marsha C

Marsha Clark

Entrepreneur/Best-Selling Author/Executive Coach/Facilitator/Speaker

Speaking on Authentic Women Leadership

Marsha Clark is an independent consultant who founded her own company in 2000.  Marsha has designed, developed and delivered programs supporting leadership development,  change management, strategic planning,  performance management, team development,  and executive coaching. She has been delivering specific leadership development programs for women for over 20 years. Now an Amazon Best Selling Author in two categories for Embracing Your Power, Marsha also produces a weekly podcast, Your Authentic Path to Powerful Leadership.


Prior to starting her own company, she worked at EDS for 21 years where she advanced from secretary to corporate officer.

Rosalia Cunningham

Rosalia Cunningham

Office of the CEO- Chief Spirit Officer / Organizational Development @ Hilti North America

Speaking on Connecting to the Corporate Culture

Rosalia serves in the role of Director of Organizational  Development which  internally is  recognized as Chief Spirit  Sherpa  reporting to  the CEO and  Region Head  of Hilti North America, where  she  leads a team that champions the company’s cultural values  and legacy  purpose as  well as fosters  our “Care Perform”  culture  through  executing and team camp  experiences,  that deepen  the values of  our strong Hilti culture so that  it is lived by every single  team member.


“Our culture is  a core  competency at  Hilti, therefore  as a Sherpa, I embark on this  journey  with pride and  strive to guide  our leadership  and their  teams through  creating  experiences  through Team  camps to  connect our  culture with the knowledge  they already  have,  embraced the  essence of  caring and  performance- oriented  culture, and help them live our culture  fully by leading and steering  guiding  principles.”

Krystena Sterling

Krystena Sterling

Executive Leadership Coach

Speaking on Creating Stakeholder Buy-in

Krystena worked at the Walt Disney Company for 23 years in operations, learning and development, and project management in multiple divisions and now works for the Lockheed Martin Corporation in leadership development. In her private coaching practice, she coaches in various industries, such as Google, American Express, Havas Media Group, IBM, Chevron, and Four Seasons, to name but a few.


Krystena is an ICF Certified Coach and holds a Professional Certification as a CPTD from ATD; she has two Master’s Degrees- one in Human Resource Development, the other in Industrial- Organizational  Psychology, and is a Ph.D. candidate in industrial Organizational Psychology, studying leadership development and coaching.

picture of Skip Allen

Skip Allen

Senior Director Global Learning & Development, Merz Aesthetics

Speaking on Creating the Organizational-wide Rollout

Skip Allen is MERZ AESTHETICS Senior Director Global Learning & Development. He brings more than 30+ years in the Bioscience Industry, working for Johnson & Johnson for nearly 19 years in vision care, dental, aesthetics and dermatology and MERZ AESTHETICS coming up on 13 years. Throughout his career he has held roles in sales, management, leadership, operations, product management, training and Learning & Development.


Skip’s current role focuses on creating the vision and supporting the execution and implementation of Global L&D strategies and its Enterprise solutions across all regions and functions for this global company of over 2,000 employees.


He is a certified Corporate Athlete Coach from JNJ’s The Human Performance Institute, Strengths Coach from the GALLUP Organization, and Lumina Practitioner. He is passionate about engaging and empowering individuals to be the best version of themselves at work and home. He is a lifelong learner and strives to be grateful and have a “perfect moment” each day at home and work. He is the proud father of 3 amazing and accomplished children: Madison(28), Dawson(27) and Jade(7). He and his wife Sara currently reside in Wake Forest  NC.

Dr Irina Fursman

Dr. Irina Fursman

Co-Founder of Huelife

Facilitating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conversations Utilizing Lumina

A premier facilitator and OD practitioner, Irina guides teams through strategic planning, change and engagement initiatives. Irina also teaches the art and science of facilitation. Born in the USSR, Irina spent the first half of her life in Russia, Crimea and Ukraine. She moved to the US in 2002 and co-founded the Institute of Cultural Affairs Ukraine (named an “enemy of the state” by Russia for her efforts in Ukraine).


Irina earned Doctor of Education in Organization Development and Change Leadership from the University of St Thomas. Her research topic, passion, and an area of interest is leadership in multi-sector collaboratives (i.e., loosely coupled systems).

Louise Keefe

Louis Keefe

Owner & Principal Consultant, Perspektives

Speaking on Coaching with Lumina Learning

  • Founder & CEO of Perspektives, a consulting practice that provides unique and creative solutions to clients. Services include: executive coaching, leadership development, talent strategy, inclusion & diversity, change management, team building and numerous other services. 
  •  Louise has over 15 years of experience with global fortune 500 companies guiding hundreds of HR and business leaders around the world. 
  •   Louise has a profound interest in the field of neuroscience and how our brain works.

Kate Cline

Senior Director of Client Relations / Head of Facilitation for Lumina Learning USA / Global Faculty Member - Lumina Learning LLP

Speaking on Inclusivity and Shaping Culture in Teams and with Leaders

Kate is Senior Director of Client Relations and Head of Facilitation for Lumina Learning USA and is a Global Faculty member for Lumina Learning LLP.


Kate began her undergraduate work at Sweet Briar College in Virginia where she participated in their competitive Equestrian program prior to studying Communications at Eckerd College in Florida. Kate has been part of the Lumina family since 2010 holding a variety of  roles with the Global Partner of the US. She has supported Lumina Qualified Practitioners across the USA, Brazil and parts of Canada and Europe.


Kate also delivers Lumina Learning Qualifications in multiple tools and was a trendsetter in breaking the ground into virtual delivery of solutions and qualifications. She continues to ensure the evolution of Lumina Learning content and offerings for our US team by creating curriculum and materials that keep up with the learning trends.

19 April - Free Public Workshops

Engage with international leading L&D professionals from major brands across a range of workshops designed to help you experience the best solutions first-hand. Across leadership, teamwork, culture, inclusivity and talent, you’ll have the opportunity to interactively learn and network with others who have successfully addressed the same complex challenges you’re facing.

Rebecca Bales & Dr. Stewart Desson

Why Personality Matters

Explore how personality impacts thinking styles, behaviour, teamwork and leadership. Across the workshop, we'll demonstrate how organizations can bring out the best performance in their people through a trait-based approach to personality.
Stewart Desson

Dr. Stewart Desson

Is Inclusivity In Crisis?

Inclusivity is a term thrown around a lot, but what is the meaning beneath it? Together, we will explore the pitfalls in many People Solutions, diving into how true inclusion and Deeper Diversity be achieved to drive better business performance and the realisation of untapped talent in people.

Rosalia Cunningham, Krystena Sterling, Rebecca Bales, Skip Allen

Organizations Who Are Making an Impact

The best way to learn how to achieve better business performance is by learning from the challenges and successes of others like you. We'll share the gold dust stories of Organizations leading on getting inclusion and hybrid working right and how these stories might apply to your needs.
Stewart Desson

Dr. Stewart Desson

Developing Your Hybrid Heroes

How do you create a hybrid people strategy that swerves the great resignation, turns around those quite quitters, and raise leaders' trust in the engagement and productivity of working from home? Join Dr. Stewart Desson to discover the most effective ways in 2023 to make hybrid teams both more productive and happier.
Dr Irina Fursman

Dr. Irina Fursman

Facilitating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conversations with Lumina

HueLife team has incorporated Lumina as a foundational framework in our signature training program HUE Conversations and consulting services, such as team and board development. Most impactful experiences include our work with organizations around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Dr. Fursman will share her personal journey of transformation, becoming an ally and an advocate for civic rights in Ukraine, and founding a training and development company to inspire action toward the greater good through human understanding and engagement.
Rosalia Cunningham

Rosalia Cunningham

Building Organizational Culture Utilizing Lumina Spark

At Hilti, we believe that a strong corporate culture is the heartbeat of the company and a strategic factor of differentiation that is essential for the well-being of the company, and the construction community.  A vibrant company with a unique bond between our family of employees whose collective DNA of unique qualities strives for building a better future.    We are proud of who are team members are with all their diverse backgrounds, experiences and personalities; they “bring our culture to life” in their own way, by desiring to be part of something bigger than daily job responsibilities, thus each taking ownership for the development of the business, our team and themselves.   Building a caring and high performance culture, has been greatly facilitated by utilizing Lumina Spark to further bring out the brilliant spectrum of aspects of every individual’s personal identity within a team.
Stewart Desson

Dr. Stewart Desson

The Power of Context

Contextual learning has been much in vogue for some time. But what does it really mean and why is it important? Dr. Stewart Desson will put "The Power of context" into... erm.. context and set out its numerous benefits. Relevance increases engagement, engagement helps people retain and apply what is learnt. Research shows that preparing learners for real-world challenges by means of simulations and role-playing pays dividends and is far superior to purely theoretical approaches.

Rebecca Bales & Kate Cline

Creating Inclusivity among Teams and Leaders

Having an Inclusivity policy has become de rigueur for corporations the world over but words do not an inclusive culture make. So how can inclusivity truly be fostered? There's the rub. Lumina Learning's Rebecca Bales and Kate Cline will reveal to you their secret strategies and techniques they employ which bring measurable benefits to any Organization.
Stewart Desson

Dr. Stewart Desson

Sparking Up Your Innovation

Organizations looking to adapt and thrive among constant moving trends need to be masters of impactful innovation. We'll unbox how innovation is really achieved and what you'll need build an organizational culture that unlocks innovation across individual, teams and leaders.
Marsha Clark

Marsha Clark

Authentic Women Leadership

Did you know only 25% of Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft's employees are female? And this figure falls to a mere 20% when it comes to leadership roles? Evidently, there is still much work to be done. But what exactly makes a female leader authentic in the 21st c? 'Authentic' is a word much used, some might say overused in L&D. Marsha Clark will unpack what it means and how, in a world still dominated by men, can we set about helping women in positions of power to lead with integrity, wisdom and humanity.
Louise Keefe

Louise Keefe

Integrating Lumina Tools into Key Programs & Practices

Louise Keefe will speak on how to integrate Lumina tools and solutions into your organization or your client's organizational programs to add value and lasting transformation. Louise has created a program called LeadX which takes the learner on a journey through Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Change. LeadX has been utilized in the leadership development programs for several major global organizations. These programs link to culture, DE&I initiatives, competency management and onboarding.
20 April - Lumina Practitioner Masterclass for attending clients
Getting the most from your experience as Lumina Learning Practitioner

How to Position and Implement an Enterprise-wide People-development Solution

Creating Your Sales Cycle for Consultants

Getting Stakeholder Buy-in for Internal and External L&D Consultants

Creating Marketing Campaigns for Internal or External Business Development

Latest Products and Solutions to Transform Your Solution

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Attendence Options

19 Apr - Public workshops
Open to everyone who wants to attend our workshops, talks and networking across personal development, inclusivity and hybrid teams.
19 & 20 Apr - Lumina Learning Practitioner Sign-up
Open to all Lumina Learning Practitioners who want to attend our set of masterclasses on Practitioner support and getting the most from our tools.
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