The Lumina Learning team is continuously growing! Lauren has recently joined the UK team.


Meet the Team: Lauren Hubbard

Lauren Hubbard – Lumina Learning Global Business Delivery

What’s your career background and what is your original connection to Lumina?

After completing my undergraduate degree, I worked in recruitment for a year. This year in recruitment was a real eye-opener!  I enjoyed finding out about the inner workings of a business, which led me to expand my knowledge and enrol in a Master’s course in Occupational and Organisational Psychology.


The topics I had the pleasure of studying really solidified the path I wanted to take with my career. These topics included Leadership, Learning and Development, Human Resource Management and Psychometric Assessments in the Workplace.


When the job opening came up at Lumina, it seemed like a dream come true! I was instantly drawn to the idea of working for an organisation that used psychometrics to improve Learning and Development and could not wait to use the skills that I had developed during my time at university and working in recruitment.

What is your top Spark Aspect and how have you found this beneficial to your role?

My top Spark Aspect is Discipline Driven. That’s no surprise to those that work with me as I am very structured and enjoy setting goals for myself. Being Discipline Driven helps me set deadlines and meet them on time, which is beneficial as it allows me to help Practitioners improve their ability to deliver solutions effectively. My goal setting helps me to be purposeful and strive for better with every project I take on.


Lauren's Lumina Spark Splash

Lauren’s Lumina Spark Splash

What is your favourite thing so far about working at Lumina Learning?

Everyone in the team has been really welcoming. Even though I joined Lumina during the last lockdown when remote working was the standard, I still managed to build up excellent relationships with everyone in the UK team and the global team. It’s so lovely to be working in an environment that is very supportive of sharing new ideas and welcomes changes.


Do you have any Paradoxes? How do you see these working in your role – If you don’t have any, what Paradoxes do you think might be useful for you to develop?

My Paradox is Introversion and Extraversion. Being highly Extraverted helps me build relationships with Practitioners and have confident and detailed discussions with people I have never spoken to before. Likewise, being highly Introverted helps me take a step back and listen to what Practitioners need from me and Lumina so that I can meet their needs.

What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

I have been dancing since the very early age of two and a half years old. I have enjoyed my time at the dance school and have featured in several shows throughout the years. When I went to university, my love for dance did not shrink, and I became the Vice President of the Dance Society.


Since returning home, it seems things have come full circle as I am now a teacher at the same dance school from my childhood, with students of my own between the ages of three and ten to whom I teach ballet, tap and modern.


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Lumina Learning is a global network of skilled experts and Practitioners operating in more than 40 countries all over the world.
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