The Lumina Learning team is continuously growing! Peter has recently joined the global team at our office in the UK.


Peter Boyle – Lumina Learning Global Marketing

What’s your career background and what is your original connection to Lumina?

I first realised my passion for marketing whilst I was in school. I wanted to do something relating to business, but that is also creative, and I decided that was marketing. I then went to university to study Business and Marketing, where I could develop my skills.


When I finished university, there was an internship advertised at Lumina Learning and I decided to reach out to Stewart, a long-time family friend, and find out more about the role. Lumina Learning opened up the internship whilst considering a full-time Business Delivery Executive. I was a successful candidate for the position, and Lumina Learning hired me to see if I would be a good fit.


After three months of being an intern, Lumina Learning started expanding. A job opening came up for a full-time Business Delivery Executive and a Marketing Coordinator. I wanted to stay with the company but felt I would be better for the Marketing Coordinator role due to my background and learning.

What is your top Spark Aspect and how have you found this beneficial to your role?

My top Spark Aspect is Down to Earth. Being Practical and Evidence-Based is essential when using analytics to influence marketing campaigns as a Marketing Coordinator. My cautious nature has helped me establish good processes for editing and publishing content to ensure a quick turnaround each time.

Peter’s Lumina Spark Splash

What is your favourite thing so far about working at Lumina Learning?

I love the company culture; the whole team is really friendly and approachable. If I have a question or something I need help with, I know I can always approach one of my colleagues. I also like the flexible working structure in place as this helps me achieve a lot of things in my spare time.


Do you have any Paradoxes? How do you see these working in your role – If you don’t have any, what Paradoxes do you think might be useful for you to develop?

My biggest Paradox is Down to Earth and Big Picture Thinking. This helps me when working, as I need to be imaginative and creative when thinking of the best ways to engage people with marketing content. However, I also want to follow the best industry practices and be practical when completing projects.

What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

From the age of 16 to 18, I competed in dragon boating events. It’s like canoeing and is a well-known sport in China. I was on GB’s under 18s team, competing in World Championships and European Championships. Our biggest wins were the bronze medal we received during the World Championships and the silver medal we received during the European Championships.


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