Trait based leadership development

Lead the way, in your own way. Lumina Leader gives executives a deep understanding of their natural leadership style. It shows them how to lead with confidence and authenticity, while learning how to adapt their leadership style to meet the needs of their people and of their organisation.


Colourfully measuring 4 leadership domains and 16 leadership qualities, you’ll learn how to maximise your strengths and reduce your limitations. Lumina Leader’s smart data and simple language you can explore your leadership style across different contexts, from your core leadership values, how you show up every-day, and crucially what you might be at risk of doing under pressure, helping define your leadership goals and commitments.


Through exploring these contexts with optional 360 feedback, leaders can instantly recognise their personality is core to their leadership style, and that they are capable of agile, dynamic growth all through simple, non-critical language.  It sheds lights on how preferences align to our leadership behaviours, that our behaviours on a bad day might be totally different to a good day.


This ultimately unlocks a leader’s full potential. You’ll be equipped to tackle career blockers, become more versatile and resilient when leading in times of change, and motivate people to become high performers with a shared vision that increases morale and reduces staff turnover.


New Customisable Questionnaire Features

One size does not fit all and customisability is key to working on leadership solutions. That’s why you can use the Questionnaire Customisation features for Leader Self and Leader 360, helping you tailor projects’ questionnaires’ size and purpose to your needs.



Choose your length

For Larger projects with many leaders, often a shorter questionnaire is preferred that means these projects reach 100% completion from every leader, ensuring a smooth and easy rollout of your solution






Choose your focus

The questionnaires can be customised to include your preferred composition of effective leadership or ineffective leadership questions, meaning that leaders never have to  spend longer than required to participate in solutions and  every question targets your precise development purpose. The choice is yours.




Discover Lumina Leader’s full 360 functionality

Find out how you can customise Lumina Leader’s 360 options and how to make use of the questionnaire customisation update on our Knowledge Base guide here

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Lumina Learning is a global network of skilled experts and Practitioners operating in more than 40 countries all over the world.