Spark Coach

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations across the world is how to deliver learning to their staff that lasts a lifetime, ensuring investments create sustainable, scalable impacts that reach far beyond the initial intervention. All whilst available remotely.

Spark Coach gives your participants tools they can take away to self-develop in the workplace and from home – so learning doesn't have to stop at the end of the workshop.


Spark Coach empowers the individuality of those you share it with by putting personal development into their own hands. Self-awareness is necessary, but not sufficient, to create lasting change. Now you can give them an interactive and impactful experience that creates the continuous curiosity to play with and explore personality, embedding and growing their learning long after an intervention or workshop. It’s sustainable, scalable, and remotely accessible. It’s the biggest addition to Lumina Spark since its creation. Discover learning without limits.  

No matter what your need, whether it be improving communication, building highly resilient teams, individual coaching, maximising productivity, creating deeper organisational engagement or anything beyond – Spark Coach will take your interventions to the next level so you can truly celebrate the people you share it with through the language of personality. You’ll build a better business through interventions that last a lifetime. No matter where, no matter what. It really is learning without limits.

Forget the traditional limitations in learning and interventions across L&D. Gone are the days of drops in engagement between sessions. No more paper reports gathering dust in desks, nor missed learning opportunities from those crucial development moments when the coach isn’t around. Now participants have personality at the push of a button. Any time. Anywhere. Any size project.






Remotely Accessible


Fully Virtual & Effortlessly Virtual

How It Works

Spark Coach takes participants through their patterns of personality, discovery coaching questions and personalised coaching guide. You can use these features across The Four Key Steps of the journey, identifying key areas of focus, exploring their Qualities , reviewing their coaching questions and helping them set personal goals. Each step allows you can get as involved in your participant’s development as you wish, or step aside and let participants take the reigns. Either way, Spark Coach is designed to maximise the quality of learning you give them throughout their journey from start to finish, no matter your need.


The patterns of personality allows you and your participants to interactively play with their personality by exploring their unique Quality Patterns across the Three Personas. These include their amplifications, hidden treasures, paradoxes and more – all automatically adjusted to reflect their most significant patterns and create continuous curiosity for self-development. The Quality Patterns reflect strengths as well as possible areas for development using smart data and simple language. This helps guide the participant’s development journey with easy-to-understand, relatable and precise meaning. Participants can tweak Quality Patterns to visualise their future potential development.


Personalised Discovery Coaching Questions support participants to choose their most important development areas, ensuring they can focus on what really matters to take genuine ownership of their development. Doing so empowers their individuality and shows them as they really are. This supports the articulation and achievement of key goals using the GROWS framework.


The Personalised Coaching Guide allows Practitioners to view participants’ coaching answers and goals and generate a dynamically created and personalised coaching guide, meaning they can provide direction and support whenever it’s needed. Print it out before your workshop or feedback session to gain a powerful tool that allows you to focus in on the questions that really matter.


Coaches can deliver training that is virtual, face-to-face or a blend of both, giving Spark Coach to participants so learning doesn’t have to stop at the end of the workshop. Coaches support and guide participants as they use Spark Coach with regular interaction across Spark Coach’s user journey. Learning is continuous and engagement is deepened. Sustainable, Scalable, Remotely Accessible – it’s learning without limits.

Check out Spark Coach in action

Identify keys area of focus
Explore Qualities
Review coaching questions
Set personal goals

The So What?

Continue participants' learning between sessions and workshops

Offer easily expandable solutions that scale as your needs do

Create more sustainable solutions that last a life time

Coach virtually & remotely

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Lumina Spark consistently gets us great results! We are a consultancy with many clients operating in a multi-cultural context. Spark speaks to everyone. It’s a highly intelligent tool for both introspection and innovation.

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Our new digital tool has earned us a finalist position in Excellence in Technical Innovation at the upcoming ABP Awards. We hope for good news on the 24th of March when the results will be announced.

Lumina Emotion is a Learning Pool winner and an ABP finalist

The Blended Lumina Emotion Qualification has used learning technologies innovatively to make a unique and innovative contribution to the delivery of our Qualification, which has shaped the L&D Delivery within Lumina Learning and beyond into our practitioner community.

The Best Digital Learning Transformation Programme implemented in response to COVID-19

In terms of design, we used an integrated learning approach.  This approach ensured a comprehensive learning experience, with the right mix of content.

Demonstrating a modern, inclusive and tech-able personality tool used across industry

UWE has partnered with Lumina Learning to offer students an experience of Lumina Spark, demonstrating a modern, inclusive and tech-able personality tool used across industry

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Mediation using Lumina Spark has helped to resolve an eight-year ongoing conflict in a single day.

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Lumina Learning helped RCL FOODS, the leading food producer in South Africa, to engage and unite its workforce, develop authentic leadership, and drive team collaboration.