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The award for Most Innovative Use of Learning Technologies is an incredible achievement!


We’re finalists! Lumina Learning, a world-leading provider of highly innovative and inclusive personality assessments, are shortlisted for the Learning Pool Awards!  


Click, Print, and Coach. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


Lumina Learning is Recruiting!

We are innovators in meaningful, digital, and engaging personality tools and are growing rapidly. We are currently recruiting smart enthusiastic individuals to fill the following roles to expand our global team in Bracknell:

IT Administrator


One size does not fit all and customisability is key to working on leadership solutions. That’s why you can use the Questionnaire Customisation features for Leader Self and Leader 360, helping you tailor projects’ questionnaires’ size and purpose to your needs.


Our international network continues to grow! Gitte has recently joined our Partner network and helped us to launch Lumina Learning Denmark.


Lumina Spark & Leader are now ICF certified. Discover the benefits here.


This is ‘Taking the Lead’: the National Association for AONBs (NAAONB) and its partners have guided 37 AONB staff through psychometric profiling, coaching and the forming of Topic Working Groups, to enable behavioural change, and thus move toward a collaborative culture.


KFAS identified a need for a tailored programme, aimed at Kuwaiti private sector executives, to develop innovative future leaders who can generate great ideas to advance corporate management and yield business growth.


We’ve never known more challenging times for organisations and their people, pushing human potential to the limits.


The COVID-19 crisis has changed the context in which we live and work. The big question is – has this fundamentally changed who we are?


Setting up and running any 360 Project is fraught with challenges, so we have identified 5 key factors to ensure your success.


It’s a tough job being a buyer today. The vast availability of research on the options available in the market has mushroomed over the last decade.


The 4 Lumina Spark principles, when applied using our 24 quality Lumina Spark personality model, significantly helps leaders close the leadership gap.


We are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new digital offering for our selection tool: Lumina Select.


Our Innovation and Transformation Global Conference in Brighton was a great success.