Giới thiệu chương trình Journey to Composure

Five steps to happier, adaptable, productive people at work

Hỗ trợ cá nhân chưa bao giờ quan trọng đến vậy

Khi áp lực gia tăng và rủi ro cao, là thời điểm tổ chức có nhiều cơ hội được hoặc mất nhất – lúc này chính yếu tố con người có sức ảnh hưởng nhất. Các tổ chức muốn thành công cần có những cá nhân, đội nhóm và nhà lãnh đạo có khả năng thích ứng và linh hoạt, vì họ có thể hào hứng với những thách thức của công việc mang lại và luôn làm việc hiệu quả ở trạng thái tích cực nhất, hạnh phúc nhất.

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Đó là lý do tại sao tính năng ảo độc đáo mới nhất của Lumina Spark ra đời để giúp các tổ chức giải phóng toàn bộ tiềm năng của con người, giúp họ chuẩn bị các kỹ năng phát triển bản thân như nâng cao sự tự nhận thức để ứng dụng các kỹ năng này suốt đời.

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Journey to Composure là một trải nghiệm phát triển gồm năm bước đơn giản nhằm xây dựng khả năng thích ứng và linh hoạt của mỗi người để tăng hiệu suất cá nhân, giúp bạn trao quyền cho mọi người bằng một kế hoạch dễ áp ​​dụng thực tế, hướng dẫn họ trở nên hiệu quả nhất trong công việc khi đối mặt với thử thách.

Các kỹ năng hành động tồn tại suốt đời

Using Lumina Spark’s powerful 24 Qualities and 3 Personas, Journey to Composure helps individuals recognise their ineffective behaviours that might be holding them back and shows them how to shift from those behaviours.


It’s a dynamic, practical and deeper look into what happens when we overextend and brings learning personal development into real, actionable use in the workplace.


You can enable clear and continuous self-development that gives lifelong impacts to the individual and their organisation. You’ll give people a continuous adaptable, actionable focus that puts their personal development into real use at work.

Nơi làm việc hiệu quả, hạnh phúc hơn

Each personalised step helps individuals shift from their ineffective behaviours and ultimately refocus on being their most effective, high performing and happier self. Journey to Composure is Lumina Spark’s workplace action plan that gives individuals, teams and leaders continuous development experiences that last a lifetime.


By empowering individuals with a simple five-step plan that puts their continuous development into real use at work, you’ll help them deliver their best performance and tackle challenges with success. The impact? More productive, happier workplaces that thrive from adaptable, resilient individuals who can consistently perform at their best to help organisations meet their goals.

Ultimately, you’ll maximise the value of investing in people development by creating highly engaging, sustainable, lifelong learning that is easily applicable beyond workshops and coaching sessions, or any other development experience. It’s a personal lens and skillset for life.


Journey to Composure ensures that development initiatives meet their organisational goals by delivering learning outcomes directly into the workplace, with guidance and accountability given to the individual to own their personal development and performance.


You’ll create the same outstandingly interactive and engaging development whether delivered remotely or face-to-face. It’s the latest virtual feature of Lumina Spark bringing personality to your computer or printed at your workdesk. All here so organisations can support individuals’ personal experiences with lifelong learning that unleashes their potential.


Five simple steps for the individual, one giant leap for the organisation. Help people deliver the impact.

Kiểm tra Journey to Composure trong thực tế

Nhận diện Phẩm chất lúc căng thẳng
Dừng lại. Tạm dừng.
Chọn một Phẩm chất giúp bạn lấy lại sự cân bằng
Chọn một Phẩm chất giúp bạn giải quyết tình huống hiệu quả hơn
Giúp bạn tránh bị căng thẳng trong tương lai

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Tìm hiểu sâu hơn về 3 Trạng thái Tính cách và Phẩm chất lúc bị căng thẳng của Lumina Spark

Giúp mọi người bình tĩnh khi gặp thử thách, áp lực và căng thẳng

Phát triển khả năng thích ứng và kỹ năng phục hồi cho cá nhân có thể áp dụng suốt cuộc đời

Tìm hiểu sâu hơn về 3 Trạng thái Tính cách và Phẩm chất lúc bị căng thẳng của Lumina Spark

Tìm hiểu tất cả các sản phẩm của Lumina Learning

Tìm hiểu mạng lưới toàn cầu của chúng tôi

Lumina Learning là mạng lưới toàn cầu các chuyên gia và người đào tạo chuyên nghiệp hoạt động ở hơn 40 quốc gia trên toàn thế giới.
Inemmo – Levelling up beyond inequalities, discrimination and poverty (ABP Award Winner)

Inemmo provides professional management and leadership development learning solutions and executive coaching that improves leadership performance. Leadership development solutions are designed to prepare leaders for career advancement. Inemmo’s award-winning leadership development programmes help business leaders integrate critical management concepts and practices to enhance existing strengths and develop new skills, discover new methods and principles to

Athena Professional and LawNet

Athena Professional is a dedicated Learning and Development consultancy led by Nicola Jones.

Whizz kids

Whizz-Kids Whizz-Kids is a small UK charity that needed to stabilise following a period of expansion and contraction as a result of Big Lottery funding. A new senior team was appointed, including the Director of People and Engagement, whose brief it was to engage a workforce experiencing high turnover and low morale.   Business Need

ALiGN; supporting employment for refugees, people with disabilities and racialised groups (ABP winner)

The ALiGN Project brings technological innovation to help crack the complex problem of continuously higher unemployment in vulnerable populations across refugees, people with disabilities and racialised groups.

Lumina Spark’s Journey to Composure – Finalist in Excellence in Technical Innovation

Our new digital tool has earned us a finalist position in Excellence in Technical Innovation at the upcoming ABP Awards. We hope for good news on the 24th of March when the results will be announced.

Lumina Emotion is a Learning Pool winner and an ABP finalist

The Blended Lumina Emotion Qualification has used learning technologies innovatively to make a unique and innovative contribution to the delivery of our Qualification, which has shaped the L&D Delivery within Lumina Learning and beyond into our practitioner community.

The Best Digital Learning Transformation Programme implemented in response to COVID-19

In terms of design, we used an integrated learning approach.  This approach ensured a comprehensive learning experience, with the right mix of content.

Demonstrating a modern, inclusive and tech-able personality tool used across industry

UWE has partnered with Lumina Learning to offer students an experience of Lumina Spark, demonstrating a modern, inclusive and tech-able personality tool used across industry

Leading in a Crisis

The APAC Leadership community identified the need to be trained virtually on aspects of Leading in a Crisis.

Helping the NHS reduce conflict through mediation

Mediation using Lumina Spark has helped to resolve an eight-year ongoing conflict in a single day.

Creating Successful leadership transitions for Exeltis

The organization had a new business strategy was being implemented with a change in Leadership. The organization wished to consolidate the business and bring in new processes. The leadership team was getting equipped to lead the changes and Reflexion initiated a Leadership Journey Program for them.

Taking the Lead – Boosting collaboration through behavioural change

This is ‘Taking the Lead’: the National Association for AONBs (NAAONB) and its partners have guided 37 AONB staff through psychometric profiling, coaching and the forming of Topic Working Groups, to enable behavioural change, and thus move toward a collaborative culture.

KFAS Innovation Programme – A Bespoke Project

KFAS identified a need for a tailored programme, aimed at Kuwaiti private sector executives, to develop innovative future leaders who can generate great ideas to advance corporate management and yield business growth.


The Adidas Finance Director completed a series of business coaching sessions incorporating Lumina Spark, Lumina Leader, and Lumina Leader 360.

City & Country

City & Country (C&C) are a development company which re-imagines listed buildings to create exceptional places to live and work. Seeking a solution for their expanding sales team, Lumina Select was bought in.

NG Bailey

In 2017, NG Bailey used Lumina Spark to develop a Leadership, Engagement and Performance training programme for their people.


Lumina Learning helped RCL FOODS, the leading food producer in South Africa, to engage and unite its workforce, develop authentic leadership, and drive team collaboration.