Lumina Team

Arbejd bedre sammen. Kunderne omtaler Lumina Team-oplevelsen som et ægte "Aha!"-oplevelse. Et let forståeligt sprog og virkningsfulde visuelle billeder fremhæver øjeblikkeligt kvaliteter og adfærd i et team. Resultatet er motiverede mennesker, i højtydende teams, som opnår bedre resultater.

Hvad er det til?

Lumina Team investigates the team’s own perspective of its character as well as how other people view it. Participants co-create greater team awareness and understanding, learning to value each member's unique contribution.
Lumina Team is an extension of Lumina Spark (no extra questionnaires required!) and comes with the Team Viewer application which participants can use to visually explore their team's dynamics.

The key to creating a high performing team lies in really understanding each other’s personality, motivation and preferred communication style. Understanding deeper values and preferences fosters the respect necessary for people to work effectively together.

The Lumina Team profile shows exactly where and how people fit in their team. The interactive team mandala allows them to see the qualities and characteristics within their team as well as its potential blind spots. With this awareness, team members can then co-create a high-performing team environment.

Use the Team Viewer to interactively explore the team's personality

Quickly see how the team changes under pressure

Learn how to communicate effectively within the team

Immediately apply the learning to the team and yourself

Hvad er fordelene ved det?

Every individual within a team has a personal identity, yet the group as a whole often takes on a personality of its own.
Lumina Team will offer you insights into ways to get your message across, so that it will be better received by the group and ultimately result in effective outcomes.

Communicate effectively within your team
Know what to do when a team is not performing
Value diversity and different styles of working
Create high-performing teams

Vigtigste funktioner

Build rapport

Value diversity

Improve collaboration

Build rapport

Immediately you can go very much straight into a discussion of where the strengths are in the team, what it looks like, and almost the discussion starts to drive itself. And that’s one of the absolutely wonderful bits of magic that the Lumina Learning tools drive.

Mark Pullen

Head of BEIS Internal Consultancy, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

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