High impact, data-driven development plans

So, what have you got in your toolkit for an interactive and easily memorable experience that helps people to be their best during those deeper opportunities and challenges? Something that kindles the continuous curiosity to explore workplace behaviour when it matters most? And is it data-driven enough to provide a pre-made, high impact, step by step plan, so that development teams and coaches can instead spend their time on what they do best, bringing out the best in people?


That’s where your digital assistant Spark Coach Plus comes in to help. It’s the power of Lumina Spark’s trait-based smart data that reveals people’s full potential to improve themselves, now with the addition of a fuller picture of emotional support so development can go deeper. All set up digitally to make creating your solutions easier and faster to design, deliver and learn with.

Lumina Spark Coach Plus

With Spark Coach Plus you can develop the unique set of personal qualities every person has, whilst also seamlessly improving their adaptability, resilience, and productivity by exploring the underlying emotional drivers of their behaviour. All wrapped in one powerful, intuitive tool that plans and guides the development journey, so L&D teams and coaches save time on planning and instead focus on delivering outstanding support to individuals, teams and leaders.

Benefits of Lumina Spark Coach Plus

Spark Coach Plus crunches the data, meaning development teams and coaches can focus on what they do best, bringing out the best in people with impactful people solutions. It’s the brilliant complexity of people, made simple for exploring people’s potential.

Four key benefits
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Four powerful steps

With a highly personalised and high impact plan based on every participant’s unique qualities, you can:

Identify your participant’s key areas of focus
Explore their qualities and patterns of behaviour
Provide effective coaching questions that create powerful dialogue
Set personal goals to create observable and impactful outcomes from development

With Spark Coach Plus you can provide personal development that lasts a lifetime, ensuring investments in people create sustainable, scalable impacts, continuing personal development for your people long after the intervention or workshop. All whilst available remotely. Discover learning without limits. It’s all the best of exploring the vast potential of personality without types, labels or boxes.

Combining Lumina Spark and Lumina Emotion

Lumina Spark’s 24 Qualities + 16 Emotional Qualities form Lumina Emotion. All the depth of both Lumina Spark and Lumina Emotion all rolled into one. We do the tedious work of crunching the data, and then present that data in ways that are as simple as they are elegant.


Then the algorithms work their magic, after which you will have a personalised list of gold dust coaching questions, sage advice and a process for setting and achieving goals with a road plan.


It’s personal development taken to the next level, helping you focus on outstanding learning delivery with our data.

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The 24 Spark Qualities help your participants understand what they do

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Whilst the 16 Emotion Qualities shed light on why they do it.

Going deeper during individual, team and leadership development to help people make their emotions work for them has never been easier.
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How can Spark Coach Plus help your business?

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Lumina Spark consistently gets us great results! We are a consultancy with many clients operating in a multi-cultural context. Spark speaks to everyone. It’s a highly intelligent tool for both introspection and innovation.

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