The Lumina Learning Time Machine

What exactly has Lumina Learning got to do with Antarctica? Well, earlier this year we teamed up with the Inspire Expedition 22, a scientific endeavour whose main aim is to measure the impact severe cold has on the human metabolism. To help the team cope psychologically with the trials and privations of polar travel, Lumina Learning is putting two of the best empirically validated psychometric tools out there into their psychological backpack: Lumina Spark and Lumina Emotion.

What are you doing to improve team and individual productivity?

Lumina Spark – cutting-edge personality assessment, a sovereign remedy for low productivity, bringing as it does a proven financial return when used for HR, selection and assessment.

The vital importance of saying Yes to No

No, non, niet, όχι,不, خیر, lá, ghobe ….in any language, ‘no’ can be one of the hardest words to say. But there are times when we need to say ‘yes’ to ‘no’.  ‘No’ gives you back control and by so doing it enables you to set boundaries. This all well and good, but the fact

Hybrid Working

Part of the problem is that when it comes to hybrid working, management does not know how to measure productivity. There has been a tendency in some quarters to conflate activity with outcomes, which is neither practical nor desirable. The acid-test of productivity must be results.

What are we doing to remain adaptable

People will carry on as normal until a crisis forces them to take action. Such is human nature. All-too-often we are apt to put off learning new skills or changing our ways until it is too late. After all, ‘procrastination is the thief of time.

Lumina Excellence & Practitioner Award Winners 2022

Celebrating Our Community Achievements It was at Twickenham Stadium, London, 7.30 pm, Wednesday 22 June, 2022 that our talented nominees for Lumina Awards gathered for a much awaited announcement. They didn’t know it yet, but four people in the audience (and several who could not make it) would walk away with a much-coveted award.  

Lumina Spark for students

  As a teacher, you’re more than just an educator. You know your role goes far beyond subject in the classroom. We understand your mission to bring out the best of who they truly are. We create the programme, you deliver the experience.     We’re here to help your mission. To help you go

Empowering women at work; the hurdles, progress and benefits of gender diversity

The message that a diverse workforce has increased benefits for organisations, particularly when it comes to gender diversity, has not quite sunk in yet.

Why inclusivity matters for workplace performance – and how it differs from diversity

For as long as the recognition of inclusivity in the workplace has been around, diversity has been there too. With the two going hand in hand, diversity and inclusion have been at the forefront of progressive workplaces for the last few decades. Unlike the misplaced assumption when discussing the two elements, it is so much more than just putting policies and practices in place just to tick boxes so that your organisation is compliant.

The Lumina Excellence & Practitioner Awards are Back!

Whether you’re attending Lumina Connect or not, this is your opportunity to enter for an award and get the recognition you deserve.

Choosing Your Lumina Account – Essentials vs Premium

Here at Lumina Learning, we understand that every business has a different need. So thats why we are here to cater to whatever level of service you need.

Lumina Learning’s five support features

We’re here for you from day one, whatever you need. From the minute you sign up to your first qualification to running your first workshop and rolling out global solutions.

Remote working: how to raise team productivity

Stanford University research from 2013 found working from home one day a week boosted output by 13%. With the vast majority of organisations shifting to using remote or hybrid teams, how do you ensure you get the productivity boost?

The Remote Working Leadership Challenge; how to avoid the pitfalls

90% of respondents expressed an interest in remote working at least part of the time. The reality of this means that many organisations will be functioning with either fully remote teams or hybrid teams.

How to spot and prevent remote team burnout

Employees have been adjusting to fully remote working and all the challenges that come with it. Get our tips for spotting and preventing burnout in remote teams

A Brief History of Lumina Learning; revolutionary personal development & selection assessments

Since 2009 Lumina Learning has been on a mission to transform organisations by celebrating people, one human at a time. 12 years down the line and we are now at the heart of many successful selection and development solutions with over 1000+ success stories, impressive right?

Investing in people; why outstanding L&D and selection matters more than ever

In 2018, 94% of employees said they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development. So, what does that mean for you?

How to build effective remote teams – our top tips

So, what makes a dream team? In the post-pandemic world, a dream team looks different because of the impact remote working has had on teamwork.

The future of development & selection; what makes Lumina Learning different

We are where business psychology meets technology, spending our first 10 years transforming how personality is understood. Now we are transforming how solutions are delivered to be more engaging and more memorable than ever before.

The Future of Remote Working; the good, the bad and the ugly

The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic promoted remote working from being a workplace experiment to working its way towards being the new normal.

How to Build Engaging & Interactive Content for Virtual Delivery

See Our 5 Top Tips for creating highly engaging and interactive virtual content that delivers exceptional learning quality

How to develop self awareness and awareness of others for teams

The Lumina Spark model – A useful lens for deepening awareness and as a foundation for facilitating team performance.

Dr Stewart Desson On What Makes Lumina Spark Different

Dr Stewart Desson discusses what makes Lumina Spark different amongst other personality tools in this recent interview with household Korean media outlet, Maeil Business Times.

How Can I Use Lumina Spark in Team Coaching?

In this guide we explore the Lumina Spark lens as one way to deepen team awareness and thus aid team performance.

The Big Challenge: helping organisations adapt to a new (virtual) world

We’ve never known more challenging times for organisations and their people, pushing human potential to the limits.

Did Covid-19 change who we are? Our research continues

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the context in which we live and work. The big question is – has this fundamentally changed who we are?

5 Key Factors to ensure success with Lumina Leader 360

Setting up and running any 360 Project is fraught with challenges, so we have identified 5 key factors to ensure your success.

Selling the Lumina Way

It’s a tough job being a buyer today. The vast availability of research on the options available in the market has mushroomed over the last decade.

The Leadership Gap – The Difference Between Intended Communication and Actual Impact

The 4 Lumina Spark principles, when applied using our 24 quality Lumina Spark personality model, significantly helps leaders close the leadership gap.

A Leader’s Guide to Having Difficult Conversations at Work

Conflict resolution and learning how to tackle difficult conversations are important parts of leadership development. It’s also simply a matter of adjusting your mindset and developing awareness through agile learning.

5 Classic Workplace Conflicts and How to Deal with Them

What can you do when conflict is simply unavoidable? Missing a deadline and having to face a manager, for example.

Conflict Resolution Between a Manager and an Employee

Managing workplace conflict is tricky when the power dynamics are unequal. Perhaps things have gotten so bad that each party sees the other as the ‘enemy’? That’s dangerous thinking.

Workplace Bullying: How to Spot it & Steps to Stop it

Workplace bullying persists throughout the world, damaging productivity, profit, and our real bottom line – people. We’ve been undertaking some research with our clients.

Bullying at Work: How can we tackle it if we don’t know what causes it?

Bullying can come in all shapes and forms, and can be caused by all personality traits when triggered to be dysfunctional. These findings mean that it can be hard to identify bullying or predict when it’s going to happen.

Your Teams Need Conflict to Succeed – the Key is How Leaders Handle it

Your teams need conflict to succeed – the key is how leaders handle it. It’s actually a component of—and integral to—effective organisational development and the success of a healthy team.

How to Reduce Workplace Conflict with a Personality Assessment

Everyone’s personalities are unique and therefore we all have different and ways of working. Sometimes those differences can cause friction and misunderstandings. They can impact the bottom line.

Snoring On The Shoulders of Giants

There’s a crisis in the world of innovation. Most people cannot explain what innovation is, let alone how to go about it.

Personality Dynamics – Can Personality Change Over Time?

Do we change? Can we change? Why do we change? These are just some of the questions people raise when talking about personality.

Reducing evaluative bias from selection and development solutions

We’ve found that the statistical techniques that have been employed in psychometrics over the last 30 years can unwittingly introduce biases if we’re not careful. Learn more about what needs to improve in psychometrics.

The link between personality and competency potential

Can our personality impact our performance at work? Does it make us more suited to one job than another? And how does personality link to our competencies?

Introducing Lumina Select

What is competency potential, how can it be measured, and how does Lumina Select draw upon it for assessing candidates for selection?

Transforming organisations through enterprise-wide interventions

To transform organisational culture, you need an enterprise-wide intervention plan. But how can you make that sort of impression in an organisation?

Steps to success as a Lumina Learning practitioner

What does success mean as a Lumina Learning practitioner? And what steps do you need to take to be successful?

Bringing transformation to organisations and people – client perspectives

At Lumina Learning, how do we actually bring transformation to organisations and people? Hear what some of our clients have to say.

The changing face of psychometrics

Over the past 25 years, technology, and consequently psychometrics, have come a long way. So where could we see psychometrics going in the future?

Lumina Learning and design thinking – creative problem solving in action

What is design thinking and how can it be used for creative problem solving? Lucy Finney introduces us to this process and how it can be used alongside Lumina Learning.

The future of organisations

What does the future of organisations look like? What skills and qualities do we need to ensure happiness and healthiness at work for future generations?

Using psychometrics for selection

Psychometric selection tools help you effectively sift and target applicants, gaining information about their potential suitability for a role before meeting them.

How can we boost happiness at work?

Our emotions can have huge influence over the emotions of others, so how we can use our full range of emotions to boost happiness in the workplace?

Legacy and Leadership

Everything we do in the present moment creates our future and our legacy. Find out what you can do as a leader to stay (happy) at the top!

6 Sales Tips for Early Career Talent

Business is relational! Seasoned sales managers share top tips on how to succeed in sales when you’re at an early stage of your sales career.

Embracing Our Emotions – Both Positive and Negative

There is a lot of buzz around emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills but the issue is much broader. Here, find out why.

Great Personality Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Great Performance

The goal of sales is to earn more than you cost. Find out more about which introversion qualities can contribute to sales performance.