White Papers

Why Neurodivergence Is A Superpower

Are we viewing neurodivergent people through a broken lens? Get the top tips from our latest crucial research findings so your workplace can better value, empower, and bring out the best in those who see the world differently. To be seen as assets, not liabilities.

Creating a productive hybrid workplace

Get our top tips for a successful hybrid workplace and the latest global research by Dr Stewart Desson, Dr Joana Suta, and Dr Tatiana Schifferle Rowson

Qualities Required for Emotional Fitness in the 21st Century Police Force

Undeniably, the law enforcement profession involves making mind-altering decisions like no other profession in our society.

The ‘Feminine Advantage’ in Leadership – why nice guys and gals should definitely not finish last

As a leader, the results are clear, tuning up your people focused can heave a real, positive impact.