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White Papers - 12/02/2024
Factsheet – AI: Talent & Development’s Saviour or Saboteur?
All Digital Transformation Support

AI: Talent & Development’s Saviour or Saboteur?The impact of AI on spotting, selecting and developing people’s talent

Articles - 02/10/2023
Your New Coaching & Workshop Guides, Open Badges and Practitioner Dashboard

Good things come in threes; new features for Lumina Learning Practitioners So, we said we’ve got a box full of goodies coming to you soon. Today they’re available for you to explore! Two new guides to help you build Lumina Spark based development experiences more easily Your New Open Badges that gives you a neatly

Case Studies - 08/03/2023
Women’s Executive Leadership Programme
Lumina Spark Lumina Leader DE&I Diversity&Equality&Inclusivity Leadership Development Women's Leadership

The Women’ s Executive Leadership programme proved a resounding success with a 92% reported their leadership capabilities were enhanced.

Articles - 22/02/2023
Have we been getting cyber security all wrong
Lumina Spark Personality Assessment Psychometric

Personality affects cyber risk but just how, why and to what extent remains a moot point amongst psychologists.

Articles - 03/02/2023
Inspire 22 – The Homecoming
Lumina Spark

Historic moment – When the Inspire22 Medical Research Expedition reached the geographic South Pole revealing Lumina Learning Logo.

Articles - 16/12/2022
What are you doing to improve team and leadership communication?
Lumina Spark Leadership Development Team Building Team Development

When you fail to convey your meaning clearly, misunderstandings arise. Here, we will discuss about how to improve team communication.

Case Studies - 09/12/2022
Heineken Case study
Lumina Spark Inclusivity And Diversity (D&I) Personality Assessment Psychometric

When Heineken needed a psychometric method with diversity and inclusion written into its very DNA, it chose Lumina Learning.

Articles - 22/11/2022
The Lumina Learning Time Machine
Lumina Spark Lumina Emotion Personality Assessment Psychometric

To help the team cope psychologically with the trials and privations of polar travel, Lumina Learning puts the best two psychometric tools.

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