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Since 2009, Lumina Learning has been on a mission to transform organisations by celebrating people, one human at a time. 12 years down the line and we are now at the heart of many successful selection and development solutions with over 1000+ success stories, impressive right?


Our continuously growing client base certainly thinks so! We’ve redefined the selection and development journey to be more engaging and enjoyable, using virtual or in-person solutions ready for whatever our future brings.


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Havas Group has successfully embedded Lumina Spark, Lumina Emotion, and Lumina Leader 360 in a number of global talent development initiatives. These include programmes developing future leaders, helping women in senior roles advance to the next career stage, and improving communication between senior leadership. The Havas Group CEO has also personally experienced Lumina Spark.




What is our recipe for success? Well, here at Lumina Learning, we have identified three things that must be present in top Learning and Development solutions to be effective and stand out and we have committed to making them our USP’s.


1. Smart data, Simple Language – 21st-century personality science, combined with memorable language and easy to understand information.


2. We value different ways of being – Behind our solutions is PhD research and application, ensuring we inclusively value all ways of being without questionnaire biases.


3. Effortlessly virtual – We are where business psychology meets technology. Digitally native in our solutions, we are continuously outperforming our PDF-based competitors, particularly with the invention of the Splash App, available on mobiles, making continuous learning more sustainable.


Read The future of Learning and Development; what makes Lumina Learning different to understand our USP’s in full depth. You will also learn how we transform organisations through a suite of products and solutions that help you select, onboard and develop with one inclusive package that’s familiar every step of the way.



Our Product Timeline

Lumina Learning's personal development journey

2009 – First stop of the Journey

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Lumina Learning is founded by Dr Stewart Desson.





2010 – Lumina Spark

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In the beginning, there was Lumina Spark. Lumina Spark is the tool that reveals your whole personality, delivered to you in a truly unique and personalised portrait that is rich and in-depth but easy to understand and engage with.


By measuring at the 24 Qualities, there is the option to simplify to 8 Aspects or 4 Archetypes, building a memorable model with simplicity and depth.


By assessing your Underlying, Everyday and Overextended Personas, we have created the perfect ingredients to provide reliable, accurate and valuable insights into workplace behaviours and remove the need for additional tests.


Our inclusive tool increases self-awareness, reveals hidden potential and helps you to cope better under pressure. It’s no wonder, so many organisations choose us for selection, training, and development.


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2011 – Lumina Leader (Coinciding with the global conference in Berlin, Germany)

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The year after Lumina Spark, we showed just how determined we were to achieve our goal to transform organisations by extending our product range to Lumina Leader, allowing you to lead the way in your own way.


Lumina Leader increases participants’ awareness of their own unique leadership style and shows them how to lead naturally and with authenticity. It is focused on four balanced domains of leadership: Leading with Drive, Leading to Deliver, Leading through People and Leading with Vision.


Lumina Leader will instantly feel familiar through colourful mapping directly related to Lumina Spark. The ability to measure your personality across three different contexts still exists with the added features of exploring your leadership competency potential.


Peer feedback with the Lumina Leader 360 allows leaders to see themselves through others’ eyes and observe the real impact of their leadership style. With all these features plus more, we have no doubt that leaders will be able to unlock their full potential.



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2012 – Lumina Sales


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By the 3-year mark, we were onto our 3rd product, Lumina Sales. Lumina Sales scientifically enables you to develop sales competency by understanding how behaviour traits and personality show up in a sales context.


The Lumina Sales Portrait assesses how an individual’s personal qualities affect the way they are likely to perform at each stage of the sales cycle. Streamlined from our Lumina Spark blueprint, you will embark on the sales development journey with the same consistent use of colours and content designed to be memorable and engaging at every step of the way.


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2013 – Global conference in Canada – Move into new office in Camberley UK


2014 – First ABP award for Industry best practice!

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The Association for Business Psychology is considered the home and voice of business psychology. Widely recognised as promoting professional excellence and a community of practice in business psychology.






2015 – Lumina Splash App – Global conference in Bali Indonesia


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2015 was undoubtedly a big year for us. Not only did we win another ABP award, but we also hit our first 1000 practitioners! So, what better time to unveil our latest innovative development solution, the Lumina Splash App.


It’s portable, it’s interactive and it puts personality in the palm of your hand! On top of that, teams have access to the share and compare capability. Allowing teams to understand each other in a more interactive and engaging way can instantly enhance how teams communicate during development sessions and in the workplace.


It’s everything that Lumina Spark is but delivered in a format catered to the changing market of the 21st century. The Lumina Splash App makes Learning and Development much easier to integrate into modern working life.



2016 – Lumina Emotion – ABP award winner, 3 years running!

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We were on a roll quite clearly! Winning another ABP award 3 years running, which meant we were doing something right.


Our product family also grew with the introduction of Lumina Emotion. Lumina Emotion is designed to teach you how to manage your emotional intelligence. Like its predecessors, Lumina Emotion is developed with smart data; using the Big5 model but focusing on emotional reaction.


Not only does the portrait you receive have the same memorable colours and design as the rest of the Lumina Family, but it can be used to improve emotional intelligence, adaptability, and resilience.


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2017 – ABP award winner, Mr Becomes Dr. Desson (CEO)

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Lumina Learning CEO Stewart Desson


2018 – Lumina Team

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Lumina Team Viewer gives a visual representation of how a team shows up through the Lumina Spark lens. Participants co-create greater team awareness and understanding, learning to value each member’s unique contribution.


It is an effective way to bring your team together and help them understand the differences and similarities between their personalities. The digital view animates between personality Personas as part of the discovery and is an interactive method of raising self-awareness and improving communication and teamwork.


What’s the benefit of this for your organisation? Well, the result is motivated people working in high performing teams to get better results, explaining why clients often refer to the Lumina Team Viewer experience as a genuine ‘Aha!’ moment.


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2019 – Lumina Select – New website launches, 4000+ Practitioners

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Our newest member of the family is Lumina Select, designed to measure 16 job competencies. With Lumina Select, you can find the right people, ask the right questions, uncover hidden potential, and avoid costly recruitment errors.


Lumina Select is designed to measure competency potential to understand the Qualities needed for a particular role and what might block performance. Knowing this, recruiters can tailor the interview process to identify and select strong candidates.


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2020 and Beyond

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Although the world came to a frightening halt in 2020, Lumina Learning did not stop developing new and accurate solutions to help you onboard, select and develop in an inclusive way.


So, what are our top of the range digital products and solutions?




Virtual Qualifications

Team development using virtual qualifications


Our virtual qualifications were already in development, but the Covid-19 pandemic made the blended learning in our virtual qualifications much more sought after.


By enrolling on our virtual qualifications, you can learn to deliver virtual solutions with skill, confidence, and competence. This is fantastic for anyone looking to incorporate an effective Learning and Development solution into an organisation or for those dealing with clients; you can respond to their changing needs with a tailored solution from the Lumina Ecosystem.



Spark Coach

Here at Lumina Learning, we are all about learning before, during and beyond development sessions. With Spark Coach, participants are given tools to take away to self-develop in the workplace and from home. That way, learning doesn’t have to stop at the end of the workshop.


Extending from Lumina Spark, the interactive exploration of their whole personality incites a continuous curiosity to explore and understand, with the added benefit of having dynamic coaching questions and the ability to capture development areas and goals for conversations between Coach and Coachee.



Introducing Journey to Composure

Bringing Lumina Spark’s 24 Qualities and three Personas to life, Journey to Composure helps individuals recognise the ineffective behaviours that might be holding them back. With Journey to Composure, we aim to help you shift from those behaviours back to your most productive, effective self.


The solution is a dynamic, practical, and deeper look into what happens when we overextend, as seen in Lumina Spark’s three Personas.


Journey to Composure assessment overview



Lumina Learning Experience Platform

Bring every Lumina solution to life with trackable, interactive user-led development experiences that engage participants from day one, deepening and testing their learning in their own time. The experience platform creates a user-led learning journey for interactively absorbing the core principles of Lumina-based personal development in their own space and time. When the time comes from development sessions, coaching and workshops, they’ll be ready to learn at their best with a consistent base line of shared knowledge.  


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