When teamwork turns toxic

It’s the awkward silences, the sighs, the rolling eyes, the raised voices, and the no-compromise clashing of ideas that makes if feel like a dead end with everyone on board. We’ve all been there. It doesn’t feel great. As that culture sets in, people either become afraid to disagree, or all too ready to disagree when they wouldn’t have otherwise. Shared momentum is lost, trust breaks down, and innovation dries up with needed ideas lost in the storm. But what if navigating that storm together could do the opposite? More momentum, more trust, and more innovation with a shared excitement that brings teams closer by being curious about different perspectives. Let’s lift the burden.

Dare to disagree

Let’s move beyond the “us vs. them” mentality and unlock the power of constructive conflict. We’ll explore how to transform conflict into a constructive force for team progress, leveraging data, facts, and practical strategies. Our approach fosters effective team communication and builds psychological safety, allowing teams to value each other’s strengths and engage in healthy disagreement. We’re opening up three crucial topics – What is healthy vs unhealthy and how do we spot it? How can everyone adapt their personal style based on those around them to make conflict smoother? And practically speaking, what can teams do to turn things around when teamwork turns toxic?

Turning the tide

None of us can get it right all the time, but having a simple and practical plan is the place to start. Across the session, we’ll be figuring out how diverse personal conflict styles can contribute to stronger decisions, better solutions, and higher team performance. Join us for an hour about the best way to talk out tough stuff with some fresh perspective awareness, tips, and practical hacks for helping teams work better together through conflict. You’ll also get the chance to raise your questions with our expert speakers throughout the call and be the first to grab our new top-tips guide packed with useful data and practical actions you can take too! Grab a seat.

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