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30 Aug

Virtual Event

Why Neurodiversity Is A Superpower

Are we viewing neurodiverse people through a broken lens? If so, is that lens limiting the potential of neurodiverse people by  failing to see the incredible strengths that these people can bring to their teams and organisations?

What to expect?

Those who have different ways of seeing the world from others should be empowered to perform at their best. To be seen as assets, not liabilities. It’s a mission we’re committed to, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it’s the smart thing to do for organisational performance.


In our latest research by CEO, Dr Stewart Desson and Business Psychologist Jonathan Cannon, we’ll explain why neurodiversity should be regarded as a superpower and delve into our team’s findings, giving you top tips on how to bring out the untapped potential that neurodiverse people bring to workplace.


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We’ll also have a research highlights paper launching with the talk, based on latest investigation to help organisations perform at their best. Come along and you’ll be first to access it! This will include tips on how to level up workplaces and help bring out the vast potential of neurodiverse people. Sign up today with a form below. A few clicks and you’re ready!

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