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3 Jun

Resilience Webinar (Hungarian)

Facilitated by : Móricz Emese - Leadership Development Specialist & Kaczúr László – Lumina Learning Partner, Hungary

Resilience Webinar (Hungarian) 0830-1000hr CET

4 Pillars of Resilience
A calm environment is the secret factor of success.  Workplace pressure and stress can cause us to react by our instincts.
This can lead to:
  • Reduced productivity include low company morale (34%)
  • Project completion delays/failures (44%)
  • Lost sales (18%)
  • Missed performance goals (25%)


In the USA alone 550 million days are missed at work due to workplace pressure and stress *Statistics from Dynamic Signal 2020 report
Our own research recently found that those who manage their personal Overextensions are rated at performing 16% better than those who do not.  Resilience is crucial for organisational success. Supporting individuals to be adaptable and resilient through managing their overextensions means they will be the positive catalyst for the community through their balanced self.


The 4 Pillars of Resilience webinar provides useful information on how to reduce the overextension and cut down the overstretched period, thereby developing individual, group, or corporate resilience.


This webinar is aimed at those of you who have already encountered the disadvantages of a lack of resilience and the impact this can have on performance, as well as those who want to avoid these consequences.

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