From Stress to hostility

Ever felt the sting of direct confrontation, passive-aggressive comments or witnessing hidden hostilities in your workplace? You’re not alone. Many professionals experience the negative effects of workplace bullying triggers like unclear communication, high-pressure environments, and unequal power dynamics. From the subtle microaggressions to obvious malicious intent, identifying and addressing all forms of workplace bullying is a serious topic not just for HR, but all leaders, managers, teams and people. It all matters, but in the centre of it, we need to be able to spot when bullying is occurring, and that means creating a practical, and non-biased lens for assessing what we mean by bullying, and being able to spot it. It’s time for an eye-opener.

Unveiling hidden triggers

Do fast-paced, open-office environments harbour hidden triggers that fuel bullying behaviours? Are leaders creating high stress, uncertain environments of constant change that can test the patience and kindness of everyone? Are unclear communication channels and power dynamics creating a breeding ground for hostility? We’ve been digging around the latest research to give you an update on how to spot bullying in all its formats, exploring the workplace triggers that encourage a bullying culture and how to resolve the behavioural cycle that perpetuates bullying. We’ll delve into how miscommunication breakdowns can fuel toxic interactions and open the often-overlooked triggers of workplace bullying in both the highly relaxed, and authoritarian work settings.

A safe space for success

Join us for an hour on how to dismantle bullying triggers and build a positive, resilient workplace culture. We’ll be exploring bullying in all its forms, what often causes it, and how you help everyone, including those doing the bullying to create positive change. We’ll equip you with the knowledge to identify these triggers, from stress-induced microaggressions to competitive team dynamics, and provide practical strategies for dismantling them. You’ll also get the chance to raise your questions with our expert speakers throughout the call and be the first to grab our new top-tips guide packed with useful data and practical actions you can take too! Grab a seat.

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