Julie Ensor, Product Development Lead, Lumina Learning


Lumina Select is our interactive, customisable product designed especially for selection and recruitment, helping you understand a candidate’s potential for competencies required in a specific role. How does it work? Read on to find out.


Lumina Select competencies

Lumina Select uses our own 16 Competencies developed from extensive research examining relevant work behaviours and linking these back to core personality traits. This research and developing our own competencies was important to us, as we wanted to come up with a comprehensive set of Competencies that we felt reflected the complexities of many different work environments.


The 16 Competencies can be gathered into four groups, as shown below.


Performing through pioneering:


  • Adapting to change
  • Agile learning
  • Conceptualising strategies
  • Fostering creativity


Performing through delivery:


  • Gathering and analysing information
  • Ensuring accountability
  • Planning and organising
  • Pursuing and achieving goals


Performing through influence:


  • Working under pressure
  • Engaging and energising
  • Providing direction
  • Purposeful argumentation


Performing through people:


  • Being interpersonally astute
  • Working together
  • Coaching and developing others
  • Supporting others


The Lumina Select Portrait measures each of these Competencies on a 1-5 rating.


Lumina Select recruitment tool overview



Key features

Lumina Select:


  • Is colourful and highly intuitive
    • The stickiness of the Lumina Spark model can easily be translated into a recruitment setting with Lumina Select
  • Takes a humanistic approach – valuing all personality traits at ‘both ends’
    • To reduce evaluative bias and improve rigour and validity
  • Goes deeper
    • Examining competency potential but also competency blockers and overextended use for richer insight
  • Uses an interactive and engaging platform



Digital offering

Our new digital offering for Lumina Select includes the following four features:


  1. Applicant tracking system
  2. Job profiler – highlight key competencies to evaluate candidate against
  3. Digital portrait walkthrough – in-depth exploration of Lumina Select portrait
  4. Customisable interview guideselect competencies to interview against and have the option to customise interview questions



Predicting success

A smoothie of different Lumina Spark Qualities is used to gauge competency potential. Each Quality is given a specific weighting based on its relative contribution to rated performance.


Lumina Select competency potential Qualities


The Lumina Select validities show personality can account for up to 18% of the variance in job performance. So obviously there’s a huge number of other things that need to be accounted for, and this is where skills, experience, knowledge etc. come into play. Personality should be used as an integrated part of a selection process, not the only measurement.



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