Celebrating Our Community Achievements

It was at Twickenham Stadium, London, 7.30 pm, Wednesday 22 June, 2022 that our talented nominees for Lumina Awards gathered for a much awaited announcement. They didn’t know it yet, but four people in the audience (and several who could not make it) would walk away with a much-coveted award.


A glamorous black-tie affair, the gala dinner promised to be a night to remember. Nor did it disappoint. Split across the four categories of the Excellence Awards, with a separate Practitioner Award, the judges were struck by the outstanding quality of the applicants.


Indeed, coming to a decision proved so tricky that the rival merits of many of the nominations rendered the judges quivering jellies of indecision. It just goes to show that the sheer breadth of talent in our Lumina community is nothing short of remarkable but, in the end, clear winners did emerge. So, in no particular order, the winners were as follows:


Lumina Practitioner Award – Louisa Scanlan with Collaborate Business Solutions Ltd

The Lumina Practitioner Award is our way to celebrate the individuals who make our community the best it can be. Our growth as a whole is based on the individual actions of those who work with us, and this our spotlight for recognising those who go the extra mile to contribute to the Lumina Practitioner Community.


Badge celebrating a Lumina Practitioner Award


Louisa Scanlan celebrating her achievement


More about Louisa and her work with Collaborate 

Louisa is unique due the creativity she brings to her Lumina work.  She is a Big Picture Thinker and she utilises it fully.  She was conscious that whilst people enjoy the Spark workshop, having fun and learning, the output would go in the desk drawer.  She wanted to ensure Lumina lasts long after the event, so has developed a series of activities six months after the workshop.


Long Life Lumina includes activities such as Meet Your Opposite, using the Splash app to compare the Splash with colleagues spending time to understand the differences and build greater rapport.  The “Haynes Manual of Me” is a one-page visual representation of a person.  Taking elements from the Spark Portrait such as the Splash and communications preferences alongside personal details such as how I like my coffee/tea, a ‘user guide’ to the individual is produced which can then be shared across and within teams.  Louisa has shared this work along with the work she has done in blending the Lumina tools together to support clients, at both UK and Global Lumina Practitioner events.


Winners of Excellence in Leadership Development – Aurelie Bernardoni and Richard Waddell with Hanover

Entrants to this category demonstrated a well-designed and skilfully delivered developmental intervention that supported leaders to be their best, bringing out their self-awareness to lead authetically and to deeply understand and nurture the organisational cultures they support.


Badge celebrating a Leadership Development Award

Aurelie Bernardoni and Richard Waddell celebrating their achievement

More about Aurelie, Richard, and their work with Hanover

Hanover has partnered with Dudley Building Society to assess and develop leaders and teams to increase engagement, create a robust succession plan, and develop a high-performance culture. We defined leadership behaviours, profiled the Board and Executive team using Lumina Spark and in-depth behavioural interviews, and delivered a bespoke leadership and team development programme with Lumina Spark at its core. The resulting quantitative and qualitative insights, including personalised development plans and an in-depth exploration of team dynamics, has enabled participants to demonstrate a measurable increase in their performance and impact.


Winner of the Excellence in People Development – Dr Abeer Pharaon from ACEIL 

Entrants to this category demonstrated a well-designed and skilfully delivered developmental intervention which had a significant impact on the success of an individual or group. Examples of a developmental intervention most commonly include training and coaching.


Badge celebrating a People Development Award


Dr Abeer Pharaon celebrating her achievement

More about Dr Abeer and her work with ACEIL

The challenge was to deliver personal development training to refugees using Lumina Learning Spark. Over a period of four months, I delivered a programme to 30 refugees in person followed by online training to 16 young men and women (who had access to internet/laptops). The in-person training was delivered  in Al Rusaifa, a city south of Amman in Jordan. Everything was simple, the basic venue, food and preparations.


The smiles on their faces using Lumina then LEGO Serious Play (my other training tool), made the travel and hassle to reach their camp worthwhile. They discovered their personalities and how to build bridges and communicate with others. Working online over four months for two hours a week, they developed portraits, key qualities, amplifications, hidden treasures and possible weak spots to develop remarkable personal development plans for each one of them.


Winner of the Excellence in Valuing Diversity – Lucy Brewster with Lantern Training Limited

Entrants to this category demonstrated a successful intervention addressing Diversity and Inclusion challenges within a team or organisation. Achievements could include greater awareness of diversity in its many forms including diversity of personality, greater understanding of the value of diversity to the team and/or organisation’s success, change of behaviour leading to a more inclusive environment and opportunities offered to a more diverse range of individuals.


Badge celebrating a Valuing Diversity Award


Lucy Brewster celebrating her achievement

More about Lucy, her team, and their work with Lantern

We worked with a major international charity active in East Africa which employs 13,500+ staff worldwide who are committed to a diverse and inclusive working environment where differences are seen as valuable and where teams work together to make zero hunger a reality. The Respect Campaign was central to this, and our team from Lantern supported the charity to equip staff with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to build a working culture of respect. Lumina Spark was central to the campaign; 350 Spark assessments were generated and debriefed in 13 workshops; deep discussions around diversity were facilitated in multiple programmes that have positioned Lumina as the ‘go-to’ tool for the charity.


Winners of Excellence Selection & Talent Management – Julia Colin and Robbie Lyons with BAE Systems

Entrants to this category demonstrated how a well-designed intervention has resulted in the successful placement or management of talent. This can include supporting individuals selected internally within an organisation, newly hired or found externally.


Badge celebrating a Selection & Talent Management Award


Julia Colin and Robbie Lyons celebrating their achievement

More about Julia, Robbie, and their work with BAE Systems 

In the design and application of a new High Potential Tool (The Pathway Report), BAE Systems, aimed to achieve greater objectivity, inclusivity and stickiness in the identification and development of future leaders. In collaboration with Inspire and Lumina, we mapped Emotion and Spark Qualities against our Company Behaviours, to design a bespoke portrait, which is deeply informative and simple to interpret for users, line managers and assessors. We successfully applied the Pathway Tool in several pilots across multiple High Potential environments, whilst also using the report’s underpinning Lumina framework to redefine our Development Centre methodology. The use of the tool has resulted in improved identification and development of future talent across the organisation.


Winner of Excellence in Digital Transformation – Elizabeth Handover with Lumina Learning Japan

Entrants to this category demonstrates a successful learning and development solution which was made possible or enhanced through the use of digital tools. Achievements could include developing a new digital learning platform or technology, adapting a digital tool for use in learning and development, delivering an L&D intervention that puts digital tools at its centre, or adapting an existing L&D intervention to deliver in a digital world.


Badge celebrating a Digital Transformation Award


Elizabeth Handover celebrating her achievement

More about Elizabeth, her team, and their work with Lumina Learning Japan

The Global Management Academy is a comprehensive leadership programme which meets the needs of Japanese leaders held back by a lack of self-knowledge, and an inability to build rapport and to manage collaboratively. Lumina Learning tools are therefore key to developing delegates into self-aware, confident and communicative people leaders. Forced to a sudden halt by the COVID19 pandemic, we made a first shift to facilitating online. By the start of the 2020-2021 programme, we had completely transformed our complex learning agenda by fully integrating the latest digital technology. We succeeded in keeping, and even enhancing, the level of interactive learning and engagement.


Our heartfelt congratulations to the winners. We’ll also be celebrating the many highly commended Practitioners who were shortlisted too. You’ve certainly kept our judges on their toes. Look out for the full case studies coming soon too!


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