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Lumina Learning Personality Assessment Support features

Lumina Learning is a world-leading provider of highly innovative personality assessments, and we are now at the heart of many successful selection and development solutions with over 1000+ success stories! (Read some of our most recent case studies here) Not only that, but our Practitioner community is growing more and more every day, with over 6000+ Practitioners globally.


Our Practitioners are at the core of Lumina Learning, and nothing is more important to us than making sure that you are fully supported to build world-class solutions. We’re here for you from day one, whatever you need. From the minute you sign up to your first qualification to running your first workshop and rolling out global solutions.


The possibilities to customise solutions are endless with our platforms, allowing you to create your own unique and invaluable solutions. We’re here to support you to make sure that you get the most out of our tools, with various ways you can reach out and stay informed.

Practitioner Drop-in SessionsPractitioner Drop-in support sessions logo

In need of extra help or guidance throughout your journey to deliver outstanding learning? Then we have the perfect solution! Every Wednesday, we run a training session for any of our products, support features, online accounts, and updates.


We invite you to come along if you have any questions or if you would benefit from one-to-one training, just for you. It’s quick and easy to register your interest, all you have to do is choose your preferred session time, and we will be happy to accommodate you.


Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base support logo

Knowledge base is your go-to platform to quickly resolve your support questions on our products, services, the Practitioner Portal, and your online account with us. It’s easy to use and navigate. Simply type what you are looking for in the search bar, and your answer will appear.


The step-by-step guides are there to help you when you need it most, and if you would rather see our products in action, most of our training guides have a short video available that walks you through each product showing how to navigate your way around our systems to get the most from our tools. And the best thing? It’s available 24/7 no matter when and where you need it.


Resource LibraryResource Library support logo

With access to your very own Resource Library, you can now download all our latest explainer content, giving tips and awareness around personal development and selection across every tool we offer. These are ideal for your workshop content or for sharing on social media with your community!


You can find all our latest worksheets, slides, videos, and other downloadable resources for marketing and delivering your solutions on Resource Library. These essential materials are there to help you and assist you in delivering world-class interventions. Get started below!


Service Desk for full phone and email support (Support Team)Lumina Personality Assessment Support team logo

We understand that sometimes you may have a complicated question or request, and we are always happy to help you come to the correct resolution. That’s why we have a friendly support team ready to assist you on the other side of the phone or laptop!


If it’s something urgent that you need help right away with, you are more than welcome to give us a call, and we will do our best to help you right there and then! If you would rather communicate in written form, we always encourage you to send an email to, and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Our support team is more than happy to support you through your everyday needs. No problem is too small or complicated, so do not feel disheartened. Sometimes, speaking to one of our team through email or phone call can give you all the clarity you need, so do not be afraid to reach out! We are always here to help you.


Global Practitioner Community Group

Get involved with the Lumina Global Practitioner Community Group hosted on LinkedIn! You can ask questions, share your experiences with other like-minded Practitioners and stay in close touch with key members of the Lumina Learning team.


The Global Practitioner Community Group is our virtual space for you to call home to communicate and connect with the growing Practitioner community. You can learn from other people’s experiences and use these to help in delivering your very own world-class solutions. We might just even give you first dibs on our latest updates and launches!


Our unrivalled support has not gone unnoticed!

We take pride in the level of support that we provide to our Practitioners. Supporting our Practitioners is one of the many influences behind ensuring that our learning platform is highly engaging and easy to use. On top of that, there are various forms of support available to you whenever you need it.


The first-class level of support that we provide to our clients has not gone unnoticed. We have recently been listed in the Financial Times as an executive educational leader in the digital space! This may not come as a shock to many who have had firsthand experience of the level of support we provide, but that’s just the icing on the cake.


After all, our award-winning Lumina Learning Experience Platform brings every Lumina solution to life with trackable, interactive, user-led development experiences that engage participants from before, during and after personal development interventions.


That’s why when you decide to use any of our solutions, you can be sure to embark on a development experience that lasts a lifetime, improving communication, teamwork, and leadership. With our support throughout the entire journey, we’re here for you, whatever our future brings.


See our upcoming qualifications to see how you can further your selection, onboarding and development experiences


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