As a teacher, you’re more than just an educator. You know your role goes far beyond subject in the classroom. We understand your mission to bring out the best of who they truly are. We create the programme, you deliver the experience.



We’re here to help your mission. To help you go further and empower their individual strengths to succeed in life. Give your students a unique skillset by delivering essential, enthusiastic and enjoyable personal development experiences that go beyond traditional classroom learning.


Key skills for life

Lumina Spark’s student program gives you a framework to help  them recognise and celebrate their personal strengths, build upon their personal areas to develop, and ultimately give them the core skills to grow and adapt throughout their future careers.

  • Collaborating Professionally

Collaborating with colleagues or clients is different from collaborating with friends. This section of the programme helps student learns how best to work together professionally.

  • Give and Receive Feedback

Students will be taught to communicate sensitively and productively when giving positive or negative feedback. Likewise, we will help your students build the resilience to accept constructive criticism and use as a positive motivation for change and growth.

  • Focus on Passions & Talents

We believe successful personal development requires students to have the space to identify, explore and build upon their natural passions and talents. Let’s help them flourish.

  • Develop Critical thinking

Critical thinking is a key skill across any job role, helping people to problem solve  autonomously, quickly and effectively.

  • Learn how to deal with stress

Dealing with stress is difficult, because you show yourself from a different side (in Lumina jargon: your overloaded side). In this workshop the student learns what happens to him/her under pressure and how he/she can deal with it.

  • Collaborating with friends & family

After completing the questionnaire, each student receives a profile in which his/her behaviour is described. By gaining insight into yourself, you gain insight into the other. In this workshop the student learns how he/she can work best together.

  • Drivers & Motivation

What really motivates the student? In this workshop the student learns where his motives and motivation are and come from and how to best use these.

  • Appreciating Differences

When you appreciate the differences in someone else, you will also be able to work better with that person. This starts by understanding that someone with different behaviour can still have a positive intention.

  • Leadership

One of the competencies that a student must meet to enter the professional field is mastering the leadership skills. In this workshop the student will learn everything about leadership.

  • Prepare For a Job Application

Nothing is more scary than applying for a job when a student is doing an internship or looking for a job. On the basis of the profile, the student learns to prepare and conduct a job interview.

  • Having bad news conversations

Not every conversation is equally fun. In this workshop, the student learns to conduct the bad news conversation on the basis of the profile.

  • Dealing with conflict

It is important to be able to deal with conflicts in a controlled manner instead of going out of your mind. In this workshop the student learns how to deal with conflicts.

  • Dealing with change within an organisation

Change is not fun for everyone. In this workshop the student learns what is involved in change in an organisation on a personal level.

  • Dealing with limiting beliefs

Some people have a belief that you don’t agree with and don’t want to easily deviate from that opinion. In this workshop the student learns to deal with limiting beliefs.

  • Give your students a skillset that lasts a lifetime

Personal development and personal leadership are skills that students can use in their working lives. In addition to getting to know themselves better, they also learn how to interact with another person and take responsibility for their actions. In the rapidly changing world we now live in, personal development is invaluable for staying afloat.

The student learns how he reacts to things under stress and what he can do to react differently next time. By becoming aware of his overloaded side, he can make the choice to react differently next time.

All your personal development needs in one solution

Customise your program

Designing a personal development program is a difficult task. We can help you set up this program so that it meets the requirements of the Education Inspectorate. We help you convert the competences that the student must ultimately meet into learning objectives and devise the lessons together with you. You can also use the workshops we have already developed.

How does Lumina Spark’s student program work?

All modules mentioned are optional. The program can cover 1,2,3 or 4 years. We design a program in close collaboration with the educational institution. This means a customized solution based on wishes, requirements, and investment opportunities. The costs per student depend on these wishes and requirements.

We would be happy to visit you, without any obligation, to make an inventory of your ambitions. In this intake interview we look at the current way of working, feasibility, and the costs. The switch to using Lumina Spark with students  may also result in cost savings by streamlining all current efforts.

Other educational institutions are already using our program. If you would like to spar with these educational institutions, we can put you in touch with our referees.


Built for any educational institution

Lumina Spark’s student program is specially designed for educational institutions to give substance to the lessons of personal development. Think of: SLB, SLC, PLV, PV, etc.

Together with the educational institution, we put together a program that allows students to make a seamless connection with the labour market through the development of their awareness, their personal leadership and their reflective capacity.


A typical university based Lumina Spark for Students program:

Grade 1

In the first year, in addition to the training, the student also has to deal with major (fun) challenges in private life:

  • Away from home for the first time
  • Meet new people
  • Independence and self-reliance are expected

Grade 2

In the second year it is possible to tackle some more complicated subjects. Topics such as dealing with stress and change can be linked to themes that play a role in the second year of the student.

Grade 3

In the third year, students are prepared for the labour market during their internship. Leadership and emotional intelligence are skills that come in handy in the third year. Conducting a good job interview is also a skill that students can use.

Grade 4

The main focus this year is on successfully completing the study. In addition, consideration should be given to approaching the labour market after graduation:

Designing a good Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • What are my skills?
  • Where are my development points?


It all begins with you

We’ll train you to deliver Lumina Spark with students

3-Day Qualifier Teacher Program

You will be qualified in Lumina Spark. This serves as a starting point for the roll-out of student development  and training.

It is important for teachers to understand and be able to teach the student’s learning experience. To learn how to work with all modules and instruments, we organise special masterclasses for teachers during the summer months (July and August). Topics covered here:

  • Appreciating Differences
  • Personal leadership
  • Deal with stress
  • Leadership Traits
  • Emotional intelligence

Naturally, we can also provide tailor-made solutions for teachers who will be working with Lumina Spark. Curious?
Using workshop materials

There is already a lot of workshop and teaching material available. This material can, if necessary, be adapted to the requirements and wishes of the training. The workshops are interactive, dynamic, and given with a lot of energy.


Refreshment and Guidance

For extra guidance and refresher, you can come back every year to ask your questions and learn about new topics integrated into Lumina Spark.


When you first get started with the product, you may run into certain issues. There is of course room to share these questions. If you like to see how a workshop works, it is possible to join us.

Certification Lumina Spark

We’ll get you fully qualified with Lumina Spark.  This is a 3-day training where you get acquainted with the product and learn how to use the product yourself in your lessons. Learn more about Lumina Spark



There are various workshops available that you can use. Do you have ideas of your own? We can look together at a tailor-made program. The exercises are dynamic, easy to perform, interactive and give students a lot of material for reflection.


Case studies on education

Check out how the NHS, UWE Bristol, EBC university and Ontario Schools also utilised Lumina Spark to improve their team communication and understanding


Contact us directly, or choose a Partner from your local area (for NL site example, use Theo’s contact form)


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Lumina Learning is a global network of skilled experts and Practitioners operating in more than 40 countries all over the world.
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