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Rebecca BalesRebecca is an expert in Organizational Development and a Change Management specialist. She has a background in Psychology and Human Dynamics with her graduate work in Organizational Development. Rebecca is an ACC certified coach through the International Coaching Federation and is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and the National Speakers Association. Her experience as an organizational consultant and executive coach ranges from Fortune 500 companies to privately owned mid-size and public-sector clients.

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Rebecca is currently a Global Partner for the United States for Lumina Learning, a worldwide talent development organization headquartered in London with offices in over 44 countries with a mission to support organizations in creating and sustaining inclusive environments that support and development the people, their most valuable natural resource.


Rebecca’s personal mission is to change the way in which people work together which permeates true culture shifts. The core of this process is to help individuals increase their self-awareness so that they can then recognize and utilize their own unique abilities and the unique ability of others. Once that is achieved at the highest levels in an organization true culture shift occurs which transcends the environment into one of human respect and inclusion.


Rebecca is a published author for Forbes on leadership and executive coaching and author of the book Step up to the Plate, The Power of Passion and Determination which focuses on personal change and transformation. She is a co-author with Drs. Ken Blanchard and Deepak Chopra in Roadmap to Success. Rebecca lives in Plano, Texas with her dog Bailey and runs the Lumina Learning USA office in Dallas where she oversees clients and practitioners across the Americas.

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