Interviews - 20/09/2021
Practitioner Spotlight 04 – Delivering Blended Learning with Athena Professional
Lumina Spark Digital Transformation

In 2020, blended learning was an expressed priority for 98% of businesses. So what is it?

Interviews - 06/12/2020
Dr Stewart Desson On What Makes Lumina Spark Different
Lumina Spark Lumina Leader Digital Transformation Inclusivity And Diversity (D&I)

The limitations of dichotomous personality testing is it lacks this distinction between the situational personalities.

Interviews - 10/08/2020
Practitioner Spotlight 03 – Effective Communication
Lumina Spark Lumina Spark Coach Lumina Journey To Composure Lumina Team Team Development

Clare uses her experience of participating in the World Yacht Race in 2016 to highlight how Lumina Spark can be used to enhance our communication skills.

Interviews - 28/03/2020
Using Lumina Spark as part of the mediation process
Lumina Spark Team Development

Where does Lumina Spark fit within the mediation process? We spoke to leading dispute resolution specialist Clive Lewis.

Interviews - 24/03/2020
Practitioner Spotlight 02 – Creating sustainable, life-long solutions
Lumina Spark Lumina Spark Coach Lumina Emotion Lumina Select Lumina Sales Digital Transformation Individual Development

Louisa Scanlan shares her thoughts on creating unique and sustainable solutions for organisations that last a life time.

Interviews - 14/03/2020
Young leaders discuss Lumina Spark and leadership today
Lumina Spark Leadership Development

What part can Lumina Spark play in developing young leaders of the future? We talk to some young leaders on leadership today.

Interviews - 20/01/2020
Practitioner Spotlight 01 – six tips from a practitioner newbie
Lumina Spark Lumina Spark Coach Individual Development

Anish Hindocha from Jigsaw Change Consulting – a newly qualified Lumina Spark Practitioner offers six tips.

Interviews - 05/03/2019
Lumina Select interview with Dr Stewart Desson & Julie Ensor
Lumina Select Digital Transformation Talent Management And Selection

Lumina Select interview with Dr Stewart Desson & Julie Ensor to get their thoughts on the new digital Lumina Select offering.