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Are you looking for ways to take your organisation’s self-awareness, teamwork, and leadership to new heights?


Well, look no further! Lumina Learning is a world-leading provider of highly innovative personality assessments, and we are at the heart of many successful selection and development solutions.


If you’re unfamiliar with our story, then prepare to be enlightened.



Our story

Does a more traditional or typical personality assessment increase personal growth? It might do, but the value is likely to be limited. It may come with risks for stereotyping common behavioural patterns that put people into boxes rather than exploring their full potential to perform better at work. At worst, it can disengage people from wanting to participate in personal development at all.


Our story begins in 2009 with Dr Stewart Desson identifying the lack of inclusive psychometrics that show people’s authentic selves.


We are where business psychology meets technology, spending our first 10 years transforming how personality is understood. Now we are transforming how solutions are delivered to be more engaging and more memorable than ever before.


Lumina Learning was created with a clear vision; to transform organisations by celebrating people, one human at a time.



How you ask?

We create and develop humanistic and inclusive assessments that reveal the full depth of people’s dynamic personality while continuously minimising the bias and assumptions present in other popular psychometrics.


Through this accurate reading of strengths and development areas, organisations can use Lumina Learning to embark on a development experience that lasts a lifetime, improving communication, teamwork and leadership.



Our Three Key benefits

So now that you’ve hopefully got the gist of our story and our vision, you may be left wondering what benefits we provide?


We have smart data, simple language


Lumina Learning sets itself apart from previous psychometrics by following a model that minimises bias. A misjudged attitude towards behavioural qualities can exaggerate the benefits of some qualities and reduce the potential of others, this can exclude people from having honest conversations and the recognition they deserve to be their best at work.


Our solutions are trait-based models, not type-based models, allowing the measurement of all aspects of personality without stereotyping or boxing. Trait-based models are appropriate for use in assessment centres, unlike many type-based competitors that risk being overly assumptive.


As far as psychometrics go, we provide highly reliable and valid data to all our participants by creating products based on the Big 5 applied with a Jungian lens. By measuring at the 24 Qualities, there is the option to simplify to 8 Aspects or 4 Archetypes, enabling you to enrich the development as much as desired, building a memorable model with simplicity and depth.


We also understand that people don’t behave the same way in different contexts. At times people can be relaxed or under stress, and our behaviour shifts based on this. That’s why we measure personality across 3 Personas; which allows us to provide an in-depth and accurate portrait of their personality.


Lumina is worlds apart from what used to dominate selection and development in the workplace. Our simplified language makes our solutions highly engaging, enjoyable to participate in and celebratory of what makes you, you. Our clear and consistent use of vibrant colours ensure every tool is memorable. This has worked wonders with the development of our Splash App, where we provide interactive visuals that playfully excite people to invest in their personal development.


Talk on using development and selection using personality assessments


We value different ways of being

We know organisations perform best when they tap into a diverse talent pool. At the core of Lumina Learning is the belief that every person has a massive unique value. It’s the responsibility of personality tools to uncover and celebrate that value, whether that be your key strengths or hidden talents.


We aim to deepen the understanding of you and your peers to create human connection by measuring your personality across not 1 but 3 powerful lenses.


Many four quadrant models have limited potential to measure how people change across different contexts, as they only really measure one Persona with the others usually inferred. People want to be viewed as their whole self, not a reduced version of themselves based on the limits of an assessment. By celebrating the whole person, we encourage engagement with development and accountability for personal growth.


Lumina Learning sticks to the promise of measuring your personality across three different Personas. We assess your Underlying, Everyday, and Overextended Personas to give you reliable, accurate and valuable insights into workplace behaviours and remove the need for additional tests.


The three personas in Lumina's personality assessment


Not only do we encourage diversity, but we also encourage the exploration of Paradoxes. We can all embody seemingly opposite personality traits at the same time!


We have identified the 20 possible Paradoxes at Lumina Learning, and one common Paradox is that you can be both Introverted and Extraverted. In terms of improving workplace performance, someone could work well independently whilst also being highly skilled in working in group projects; most psychometrics fail to capture this potential.


Valuing the existence of Paradoxes within an individuals personality comes with significant benefits. That’s why here at Lumina Learning, we highlight the strengths of each personality and do not favour one side over the other. For instance, past studies have valued Extraversion over Introversion, whereas we have a truly balanced model that minimises evaluative bias and celebrates both equally.



We are effortlessly virtual

There was a time before the age of technology when most psychometrics relied heavily on paper assessments that often disappear into desks, never to be seen again. But not Lumina Learning! Unlike most traditional providers with legacy challenges, we are digitally native with highly interactive solutions providing a more visualised and enjoyable learning experience that continuously engages participants before, during and after interventions for lifelong business impacts.


We have tackled the challenges of the 21st-century head-on and catered to the virtual demand; not only are we virtual with our qualifications and solution delivery, but our Splash app has been referred to as revolutionary.


The ability to have the Splash App in the palm of your hand is one that all teams can benefit from during development sessions and in the workplace; the share and compare capability allows teams to understand each other in a more interactive way than a boring old PDF, (which really isn’t that modern or engaging, come on now!).


Whilst being digital is a given in this day and age, we also understand the need to have secure information, which we continuously update and test far beyond industry standard, enabling us to be used by industries such as government, defence, and banking.


It’s interactive – our Lumina Splash App gives an instantly memorable representation of who you are, which you can carry on your phone or tablet and share with others.


People using the Lumina Splash App for development and selection



Our Products

If, after hearing all the benefits we have to offer, you find yourself thinking about taking your team on a development experience that lasts a lifetime, then it’s time to introduce you to our solutions.


As you can see from our product portfolio, we don’t mess around when creating invaluable tools to help transform organisations. We have solutions to cater to the needs of every organisation regardless of the industry. You can start with Lumina Spark and then integrate the solutions that meet your organisation’s needs. Why not start by Downloading our free Splash App today

Lumina's products for development and selection


Why start with Lumina Spark, you ask?

Lumina Spark is often the beginning of all our solutions, providing a memorable and easy to use blueprint to integrate and roll out across our selection, training and development tools.


By understanding their whole personality, individuals will increase self-awareness and adapt their behaviour. The benefits of this are that teams will become more versatile, building strong personal and workplace relationships.


Anything is possible after Lumina Spark. With our solutions, you can select onboard and develop with one inclusive package that’s familiar every step of the way.


Ready to embark on the development experience of a lifetime? You can explore our range of customisable solutions here or sign up to an upcoming live experience here and discover what we do


To learn more about development both individually and virtually, subscribe here.

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Lumina Learning is a global network of skilled experts and Practitioners operating in more than 40 countries all over the world.
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