More Stress, More Mess

A myriad of issues arises when team resilience weakens. When the pressure is on and teams aren’t equipped to perform at their best during those demanding situations, key relationships can crumble, opportunities are missed, and team productivity drops even when the pressure is off. At worst, talented people leave and those who remain aren’t engaged to give it their all. The ability to cope with stress is a skill that everyone needs, and every team too.

Becoming Pressure Proof
On the call, we’ll reframe the common myths around resilience by showing the key behavioural qualities that teams display when they’re effective under pressure, looking at why and how understanding people’s individual strengths matters for stronger teams. We’ll look at the common toxic team habits often lurking beneath the surface during pressure, that whilst well intended, can often derail people’s performance, psychological safety, and well-being. And crucially, for those feeling burnt out, we’ll build some steps to get them back to their happier, high-performing self within a healthier team culture that works for everyone.
Thrive Under Pressure

Join us for an hour-long session with leading experts as they separate fact from fiction regarding resilience as a driver of both performance and well-being. We’ll lift the veil on the common understanding of behaviours that influence resilience, so you have a clearer picture on why your teams are performing under pressure in the way they do. You’ll leave with clarity on how your people are connecting, what steps you can take to ensure they do thrive under pressure and the next steps you can take to support them. You’ll be first to get our new top-tips guide too!  

Meet the Presenters

Meet the Panellists

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