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We are where business psychology meets technology, and when it comes to innovative psychometrics, we have changed the game.


We set ourselves apart from the competition with three simple but effective principles underpinning every product we offer.


1. Smart data, Simple Language
2. We value different ways of being
3. Effortlessly virtual

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Maximum Value for your time and budget

The benefits of having a Lumina account

Not only do we have a range of fully customisable products and solutions designed to cater to the needs of your business regardless of the industry or service you provide, but we are also here to cater to whatever level of service you require. That’s why we have Lumina Essentials and Premium to choose from, our two account options that are designed to help you get the most out of our solutions and give you the flexibility to select the features that are most impactful for your development journey.


Are you thinking of getting qualified or using our services? Lumina Learning offers so much more than just an assessment. We surround you with an ecosystem of support features. No matter which account tier you decide is right for your needs, you will always have full access to our key support features: Knowledge Base, Resource Library, one-to-one live training and our global support desk for email and phone support. Find out how you can use our readily available support features.


Lumina EssentialsLumina essentials account logo

Our Practitioners who decide that Lumina Essentials is the best option for them tend to work on a smaller scale and prefer flexibility and choice over what features they pay for. We understand that with the Covid-19 pandemic, some markets and industries have become unpredictable! Lumina Essentials is here to support you whilst the world recovers from the crisis. It works as a great starting point if you can’t guarantee the volume of business months in advance, as there is no annual fee. Lumina Essentials may benefit organisations undertaking small one-off projects or when dealing with smaller clients.


All Lumina Learning Practitioners receive lifetime access to Lumina Essentials, and it’s free from the first day you need us. So, what does this mean for you? Well, for every solution that you are qualified in, you will have full access to the assessment and the core portrait as standard. You will have the option to purchase features from the Lumina Spark Suite and our award-winning Lumina Learning Experience Platform with every portrait you purchase on a pay as you go basis.


Lumina premium account logo

Lumina Premium

Lumina Premium is what we consider to be the comprehensive solution – designed for Practitioners who work at scale or want easy access to the latest innovative Lumina Learning products and solutions, offering hugely enhanced value on top of everything you receive with Essentials.


You will have unlimited free access to Lumina Spark’s entire suite with every portrait you purchase and access to continuously updated premium slides, worksheets, and videos on Resource Library for delivering your solutions. And the points table offers you savings when purchasing larger volumes of points as well as discounting our solution qualifications.


At this point you may be wondering what’s in our Lumina Spark suite?


With Lumina Premium, Spark Coach and Journey to Composure complement each portrait you purchase, which means you can bring your solutions and portraits to life with further exploration at no extra cost. On top of our world-class development tools at your fingertips, you will have full access to the Practitioner Portal on our Lumina Splash App, putting personality in the palm of your hand. Premium Practitioners can save Splashes to their gallery for future reference, use the ‘speed read’ activity for introducing Lumina Spark in workshops, and ‘draw a Splash’ live with participants during development sessions.


Still, wanting a little more? With all that to look forward to, you will also have access to trackable, interactive, user-led development experiences that engage participants from day one with our Lumina Learning Experience Platform. These extras are not only a complementary benefit, but they also provide a more visualised and enjoyable learning experience that continuously engages participants before, during and after interventions for lifelong business impacts.

Lumina Learning LLXP layout

All these extras come for a flat annual rate which makes them easily accessible, irrespective of volume. For example, with Lumina Premium, you do not need to pay as you go with any of the Spark Suite additions, as every feature is provided with each Lumina Spark Portrait purchased. This means you don’t have to worry about volume-related costs within your organisational budget, nor do you need to charge more if you use solutions externally with clients. You can simply focus on what matters.


The choice is in your hands

Now that you have all the facts, you can decide which account option best suits your organisation’s needs. Whether you choose to ‘pay as you go’ or opt for all the complementary extras, your account tier membership will last for 12 months when purchased.


The result of our success is evident in our 1000+ success stories. Check out some of our recent case studies, which will surely motivate you (if you aren’t already on board) to incorporate some of our solutions into your selection and development. Our entire suite of solutions is here to help you select, onboard, and develop all from one platform, streamlined, familiar and easy to work with.


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Lumina Learning is a global network of skilled experts and Practitioners operating in more than 40 countries all over the world.
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