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Lumina Spark replaces business school’s general knowledge test


Ernesto Oscar Cabas Mich, Lumina Learning Partner



“The results have been amazing! Today we understand much better the needs, the character and the aspirations of our student community. We are completely satisfied with the high-quality customer service that Lumina Learning offers us.” – Marketing Manager, EBC University, Mexico



Escuela Bancaria y Comercial (EBC), founded in 1929, is a leading private Business and Commerce School in Mexico. It has over 12,000 students and 1,500 academic staff across 12 campus locations. The university-level establishment offers a specialised business education through eight undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.



Business Need

EBC decided to replace the general knowledge test with a student personality profile for everyone applying to study with them. Passionate about innovation and lifelong learning principles, they want to provide future students with a tool to introspect and make better-informed personal judgements on university courses and career direction.



Lumina Learning Solution



EBC chose Lumina Spark for its cutting-edge, innovative approach and customisation. They also valued its high accuracy of data and effectiveness in promoting self-awareness, introspection, and critical thinking skills. These are core competencies sought after in the 21st Century work environment.


The Lumina Spark questionnaire is now in the first few steps of the application process for all prospective students applying to EBC. By providing a tool for deeper understanding of one’s strengths and developmental gaps, the university enables the students to make better-informed decisions about their university courses and career direction. It also inspires them to be proactive in creating an appropriate action plan for their personal and professional growth.




Over 40,000 EBC students and applicants have completed the Lumina Spark questionnaire, and the number is growing each year. Lumina Spark has a key role in raising the self-awareness of young people applying to EBC.


Making Lumina Spark available to all applicants gave the university a widespread competitive advantage. Students and parents alike have valued it in a very positive way. They really appreciate the easy to understand and remember format.


Lumina Spark has become a key tool for development and growth at EBC, with 30 staff members qualified in Lumina Spark across the campus locations. Plans to qualify all the university staff are underway.




“Lumina Spark was very helpful. I am aware of my strengths which was important to decide at the end what career I wanted to choose. It also helped me to understand my weaknesses and the areas that I can improve on to be successful personally and professionally.” – Omar Luna, Degree in Accounting


“Thanks to the assessment, I am clear on the areas where I am not so gifted and which are harder for me to develop naturally, therefore, I need to focus on them more. The high scores supported my decision of which course to register for – I am very happy with my decisions and have a growing interest in my future profession.” – Daniela Castro, Marketing Degree


“Lumina Spark gave me the certainty that I wanted to study Administration and that I wanted to be in the EBC. Thanks to a feedback session, I got to understand myself better in terms of my competences, my abilities, and my attitudes.” – Gabriela Moreno, Business Administration


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