Developing a senior leadership programme with 360 feedback for The Civil Service Commission


The Civil Service Commission (Midrasha) is the HQ unit responsible for managing Human Resources and the organisational capabilities across the Civil Service in Israel. They also promote its core values, excellence, and ethical code of conduct.



Business Need

The Civil Service Commission were looking for a personality assessment and 360 feedback process for their Senior Leadership Programme. The objective of the programme was to support leaders in identifying, implementing, and maintaining best strategies for high-performance as individuals and as a team, while ensuring they worked to the values expected.


Lumina Learning faced the challenge of proving the value of a behavioural approach to leadership to raise awareness of individual preferences, group dynamics, and diversity as a competitive advantage for delivering superior performance under stressful conditions.



Lumina Learning Solution




The solution for the Civil Service Commission comprised of:


  • A one-to-one Lumina Spark feedback process
  • A one-to-one Lumina Leader 360 feedback process
  • A group Lumina Team session


By introducing Lumina Spark, Lumina Leader 360, and Lumina Team into the process, a multi-layered approach was created. This increased the participants’ awareness of themselves and their leadership style and provided opportunities for collaboration. In addition, the programme provided an excellent opportunity for everyone to get to know their colleagues through the new lens of personality science.




The results were so impactful that Lumina Learning tools were extended to a further four annual leadership processes within the government. Senior leaders are also now using them in their own departments. Other key benefits include:


  • A common language amongst leaders right across the Civil Service.
  • Participants have found the process valuable personally and professionally.
  • The client has been able to quantitatively assess the culture of the leaders and their teams, including the common strengths, weaknesses, and areas of overextension.
  • Lumina Leader 360 is the new standard of leadership appraisal and assessment in the government offices.


Hundreds of high-level government officials have experienced Lumina Spark and Lumina Leader 360 as the core part of their development programmes. Thousands more are expected to go through the programme over the coming few years.


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