Our international network continues to grow! Gitte has recently joined our Partner network and helped us to launch Lumina Learning Denmark. We welcome Gitte’s rich knowledge of teaching, training and consulting. Her passion for people and organisational development through team cooperation and communication is one that resonates with our values and we look forward to collaborating with her.



Gitte Wahlstrom – Lumina Learning Denmark, Partner

What’s your career background and what is your original connection to Lumina?

I am an experienced consultant and lecturer in leadership, ICF-certified Coach, and facilitator. I have a corporate international business development background, based on an MBA in Strategic Marketing from Oxford, UK. As part of my consulting career, I took my first Lumina Spark Qualification in 2016, which led me on an amazing journey. Now, starting as a Lumina Learning Partner in Denmark, I’m thrilled and excited about setting industry standards by bringing the fantastic Lumina products and solutions to our Danish clients.



What is your top Spark Aspect and how will this help you support your Practitioner network?

I am equally high on Extraversion and Outcome-Focused. This means that I’ll use my energy and enthusiasm to make it easy and interesting for our clients and Practitioners to use and position the Lumina Learning portfolio. I will support Practitioners in communicating why their clients should choose Lumina Learning, in a purposeful and logical manner, so that clients will understand the outcomes and return on investment.



Gitte's Lumina Spark Splash

Gitte’s Lumina Spark Splash

What makes Lumina Learning solutions a fit for Danish organisations right now? What makes Lumina stand out?

Lumina Learning is providing what Danish organisations need and haven’t had so far. The products are modern, digital and offer a full view of personality and diversity, ensuring better communication and cooperation. And it is both highly valid and reliable and yet easy to grasp for participants. Danish leaders and employees are sophisticated, hard-working individuals who require to be understood as the whole human beings they are. When learning is applicable, they love the autonomy of owning their own personal development. Lumina Learning’s highly interactive, blended learning programmes and continuous development makes it even more attractive.


What do you believe is needed for good selection and development?

There’s no doubt that good selection and development programmes are pivotal to the effectiveness and competitiveness of Danish organisations. Change is constant, so selecting and developing the right people requires a good in-depth understanding of the team, their motivations, strengths, and weaknesses, and how to prepare them for the future. How would any organisation recruit and lead people to thrive and perform without understanding them in detail?



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