The Lumina Learning team is continuously growing! Chris has recently joined the global team at our office in the UK.

Meet the Team: Chris Pim

Chris Pim – Lumina Learning Global System Development

What’s your career background and what is your original connection to Lumina?

I have known Stewart since our days at Leeds University and have followed the progress of Lumina Learning from the beginning.


I have been a teacher for all my adult life. For the last 20 years, I was an advisory teacher, involved in teacher training. At the heart of Lumina Learning is personal learning and growth so my background which has enabled me to understand the process of learning, is a good fit for my current role as a Content Creator.


Increasingly in my role as a Teacher Trainer, I became more involved in online training, creating materials and learning opportunities using a software suite called Articulate 360. I joined Lumina as a contractor at a time when they were thinking of making more online content to back up the tools and products they already had. I began by creating virtual workshop materials that have gone into the qualifications, like the mappers. New developments include Lumina Select, Spark Coach and onboarding materials for new employees.


Although I am part of the team of Developers, I mostly work with the Product Development team. I have quite a pivotal role which involves content creation, maintaining existing tools, and e-learning development.

What is your top Spark Aspect and how have you found this beneficial to your role?

My top Spark Aspect is Big Picture Thinking. This is very useful as my role requires me to consistently think outside the box; I have always been known at work as the person who drives new and innovative ideas. At Lumina, I spend much of my time collaborating with the design and research team, working together designing and developing online learning. Even when products have been defined, there is still an opportunity to think creatively of new ways to deliver products and e-learning solutions. Scoring high on Big Picture Thinking helps me to look at solutions and drive innovative ways of delivering them to Practitioners.


Chris's Lumina Spark Splash

Chris’s Lumina Spark Splash

What is your favourite thing so far about working at Lumina Learning?

I enjoy working with clever, flexible people; the team is very responsive, creative, and collaborative in the way that we work together. I enjoy the professionalism of it and I do appreciate the opportunity to collaborate virtually which has worked pretty well even with the challenges of the pandemic in the last two years. The culture at Lumina Learning is a good fit for me. I wouldn’t work for an organisation if the culture didn’t suit the way I am.


Do you have any Paradoxes? How do you see these working in your role – If you don’t have any, what Paradoxes do you think might be useful for you to develop?

My natural tendency is to be Inspiration Driven, but I can temper that and have learnt to be more Discipline Driven. It is beneficial to be Flexible, but I find it useful to be Structured and Purposeful in what I do. I learnt to be more Discipline Driven during my years of teaching because I had to. I can daydream and think about new possibilities, which is a strength for me, but I know I get things done and on time. That is a desirable Paradox for me.


What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

I am interested in keeping fit but not many people know that I play a sport called Innebandy, more commonly called floorball. This is best described as ice hockey without the ice, played on the same size pitch with the same number of players in the team. This non-violent sport is predominantly played in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It involves flicking the ball with both sides of the stick (whereas in hockey only one side of the stick is used). I am in a team called Chill .We played at a national level when we were younger and were technically national champions one year.


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Lumina Learning is a global network of skilled experts and Practitioners operating in more than 40 countries all over the world.
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