The Lumina Learning team is continuously growing! Ross has recently joined the global team at our office in the UK.

Meet the Team: Ross Woolfenden

Ross Woolfenden – Lumina Learning Global System Development

What’s your career background and what is your original connection to Lumina?

I went to university to study Computer Science. During this time, I learned a lot. I even did a placement year in Sweden where I could develop my software development and web development skills, which made me realise that I wanted to pursue a career in computer software. I have always been into making websites and playing around with code, which has also helped shape my career.


When I was in my final year at university, I started looking for jobs and came across the role at Lumina Learning. Their ethos seemed to fit with who I am, and as a growing company, it seemed like a place where I would have lots of opportunities to grow and develop whilst bringing real value that is appreciated. I didn’t fully understand what Lumina did in terms of the psychological aspect, but I have learnt so much more and understand the value of their tools, after being with the company and being enrolled on some of the qualifications.

What is your top Spark Aspect and how have you found this beneficial to your role?

My top Spark Aspect is People Focused. I have found this particularly beneficial whilst working in my team, as projects require a very collaborative approach where we work together to solve different problems. Communicating well with each other helps avoid errors, and I get the opportunity to branch out within my role and speak to other people in various departments who are involved in the later parts of the project, such as the design team.


Ross's Lumina Spark Splash

Ross’s Lumina Spark Splash

What is your favourite thing so far about working at Lumina Learning?

My favourite thing about working at Lumina Learning is definitely the people. Everyone is really lovely, friendly, and helpful. During my time here, I have been given many personal and professional development opportunities, with enrolment on some of our qualifications, such as Spark and POP (Power of Purpose). POP has really helped me to get my motivations on track!


Do you have any Paradoxes? How do you see these working in your role – If you don’t have any, what Paradoxes do you think might be useful for you to develop?

My biggest Paradox is between People Focused and Outcome Focused. In my role, collaborating with others to get the job done is essential, but ultimately, reaching that end goal and having the drive and motivation to push myself is also valuable.


What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

I grew up playing football, and when I used to play in the Under 7s, Olly Murs was my football coach at the time, right before he became famous through the X-Factor! He got us all tickets for the X Factor when he was performing in the live shows. Although I didn’t manage to go, most of the team did, and they had the opportunity to go backstage and said it was an all-around good day!


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