Printable Spark Coach Report

Coaching is one of the most successful techniques for converting classroom training into workplace applications. With Spark Coach, not only are you empowering the individuality of those you share it with by putting personal development into their own hands, but it’s now easier to plan an effective development and coaching session than ever before!


The added bonus of improved interactivity also brings an impactful learning experience that lasts before, during, and after the intervention or workshop. This crucially supports development points to be continuously revisited by participants, becoming intuitively familiar with learning concepts and results in sustainable long term change.


Spark Coach brings a learner’s Lumina Spark Portrait to life by exploring six key behavioural patterns and personalised coaching questions, and can be used as an alternative, or to complement the traditional Lumina Spark PDF.


Reflecting on what triggers me at work has allowed me to create new strategies for nipping these situations in the bud, so I am much less likely to get stressed in the first place. – Spark Coach participant


Spark Coach was everything we wanted in its digital format, especially throughout the pandemic. By making personal development digitally accessible, we can deliver a learning experience that is more memorable and interactive than was once possible. Read How to Build Engaging & Interactive Content for Virtual Delivery, to see our tips for the best virtual Learning and Development solutions.

Lumina Spark Coach Animation

With the world preparing to return to some level of normality, what better time to unveil the new printable Spark Coach update! The latest update will make it easier to integrate blended learning into life post-pandemic, something that we have discovered is high in demand. You can read the full breakdown in Practitioner Spotlight 05 – Delivering Blended Learning with Athena Professional.


Now you can print every Spark Coach PDF report, meaning Lumina Spark’s highly colourful model to increase self-awareness is more usable than ever for face-to-face sessions and can be present whenever needed.

Lumina Spark Coach Report

Click, Print, and Coach. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Spark Coach will take your interventions to the next level so you can truly celebrate the people you share it with through the language of personality. This new learning feature will help you ensure that drops in engagement between sessions are a thing of the past!


Lumina Spark Coach Usage


Spark Coach Usage

If you are in any doubt, just look at those numbers! Since its launch in June 2020, Spark Coach has been used by record numbers of Practitioners and learners who now see our solution as essential in their tool kit for Learning and Development sessions.


Spark Coach unlocked more value in the reports than I thought possible. In just 60 minutes, I am helping my clients to create individual goals that drive actionable behavioural change. Spark Coach quite literally sets Lumina apart from anything out there in the market – Anish Hindocha, Jigsaw Change Consulting


Lumina Spark Coach Report


Want to experience true learning without limits? Why not explore Spark Coach today and see how you can quickly build and deliver powerful personal development solutions that bring out the best in people through an interactive and user-led journey.


Discover Spark Coach here, or if you’re already qualified, here is how to activate this in your project or access a free sample version here


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