Lumina Learning Events
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    Spark 3156
    Classrooms 14:00-17:30
    Session information
    Spark3156 Online Coursework Opens
    Wed 17 Jul 08:00 - Wed 17 Jul 08:00
    Spark3156 Virtual Classroom 1
    Wed 24 Jul 14:00 BST - Wed 24 Jul 17:30 BST
    Spark3156 Virtual Classroom 2
    Wed 31 Jul 14:00 BST - Wed 31 Jul 17:30 BST
    Spark3156 Virtual Classroom 3a
    Wed 07 Aug 14:00 BST - Wed 07 Aug 17:30 BST
    Spark3156 Virtual Classroom 3b
    Thu 08 Aug 14:00 BST - Thu 08 Aug 17:30 BST
    Spark3156 Virtual Classroom 4
    Thu 15 Aug 14:00 BST - Thu 15 Aug 17:30 BST
    Spark3156 Online Coursework Closes
    Thu 22 Aug 17:30 - Thu 22 Aug 17:30

Lumina Spark Virtual qualification roadmapOur ICF Accredited Lumina Spark Virtual Blended Qualification has been designed using a combination of online social learning and virtual classrooms to enable you to experience the full Lumina Spark Experience.  Using the best practice design of Virtual Learning, it contains a mix of videos, interactive exercises, discussions, quizzes, and self-reflection.  You will have the opportunity to practise with Lumina Spark to embed your learning and receive online facilitation to enable you to deliver Lumina Spark to your clients confidently at the end of the qualification.  As part of your qualification, you will also receive the following:  

  • Your personalised Lumina Spark Portrait
  • Practice Portraits
  • An electronic copy of the user manual
  • Qualification workbook to support your learning and record your self-reflection
  • A set of Lumina Spark Cards

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