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At Lumina Learning we believe that meaningful personal growth helps people become more adaptable and build strong personal and workplace relationships.

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Innovative psychometrics that reveal people's dynamic personality. Products which accelerate collaboration, creativity and problem-solving. Tools which ignite curiosity and empower individuals to develop themselves.

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Put your personality in the palm of your hand and bring it to life. Compare and contrast your dynamic personality with your colleagues.
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The result has been amazing: today we understand much better the needs, the character and the aspirations of our student community. We are completely satisfied, including both the evaluative model and the high service level that Lumina Learning offers us.

Juan Manuel Ramírez

Marketing Director, EBC University, Mexico

The Big Idea

Lumina Spark


I have a strong background in psychology, having studied for two Bachelor’s degrees, a Master’s degree, and a postgraduate degree, all before the age of 24. I grew up in Thailand and lived and studied there until the age of 20. At this time, I earned my BSc in Psychology.


The Lumina Learning team is continuously growing! Peter has recently joined the global team at our office in the UK.   Peter Boyle – Lumina Learning Global Marketing What’s your career background and what is your original connection to Lumina? I first realised my passion for marketing whilst I was in school. I wanted to


I spot trends for Practitioners purchasing points and suggest the best option/subscriptions for them to get the most value out of our products.


Lumina Learning is Recruiting!

We are innovators in meaningful, digital, and engaging personality tools and are growing rapidly. We are currently recruiting smart enthusiastic individuals to fill the following roles to expand our global team in Bracknell:

IT Administrator


I enjoy focusing on the details and find that this ultimately increases my efficiency when working on projects.


We have recently been named as finalists for a whopping 8 submissions across 5 of the award categories for the upcoming ABP awards!


The topics I had the pleasure of studying really solidified the path I wanted to take with my career. These topics included Leadership, Learning and Development, Human Resource Management and Psychometric Assessments in the Workplace.


The award for Most Innovative Use of Learning Technologies is an incredible achievement!


We’re finalists! Lumina Learning, a world-leading provider of highly innovative and inclusive personality assessments, are shortlisted for the Learning Pool Awards!  


My favourite thing is the people and the product. One of the first things that drew me into Lumina was seeing how the products worked.


Click, Print, and Coach. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


We’re Sponsoring Annual ABP 2021! Workplace Wellbeing: Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic


Get to know Fenitra, who recently joined the team to support translation and project delivery!


One size does not fit all and customisability is key to working on leadership solutions. That’s why you can use the Questionnaire Customisation features for Leader Self and Leader 360, helping you tailor projects’ questionnaires’ size and purpose to your needs.


Our international network continues to grow! Gitte has recently joined our Partner network and helped us to launch Lumina Learning Denmark.


The Lumina Learning team is continuously growing! Mamy has recently joined our Team in Madagascar


Lumina Spark & Leader are now ICF certified. Discover the benefits here.

Our new digital tool has earned us a finalist position in Excellence in Technical Innovation at the upcoming ABP Awards. We hope for good news on the 24th of March when the results will be announced.

The Blended Lumina Emotion Qualification has used learning technologies innovatively to make a unique and innovative contribution to the delivery of our Qualification, which has shaped the L&D Delivery within Lumina Learning and beyond into our practitioner community.

In terms of design, we used an integrated learning approach.  This approach ensured a comprehensive learning experience, with the right mix of content.

UWE has partnered with Lumina Learning to offer students an experience of Lumina Spark, demonstrating a modern, inclusive and tech-able personality tool used across industry

The APAC Leadership community identified the need to be trained virtually on aspects of Leading in a Crisis.

Mediation using Lumina Spark has helped to resolve an eight-year ongoing conflict in a single day.

In 2020, blended learning was an expressed priority for 98% of businesses. So what is it?

The organization had a new business strategy was being implemented with a change in Leadership. The organization wished to consolidate the business and bring in new processes. The leadership team was getting equipped to lead the changes and Reflexion initiated a Leadership Journey Program for them.

Dr Stewart Desson discusses what makes Lumina Spark different amongst other personality tools in this recent interview with household Korean media outlet, Maeil Business Times.

This is ‘Taking the Lead’: the National Association for AONBs (NAAONB) and its partners have guided 37 AONB staff through psychometric profiling, coaching and the forming of Topic Working Groups, to enable behavioural change, and thus move toward a collaborative culture.

KFAS identified a need for a tailored programme, aimed at Kuwaiti private sector executives, to develop innovative future leaders who can generate great ideas to advance corporate management and yield business growth.

Featuring Clare Winter – A firm believer that the ability to communicate effectively is at the heart of strong leadership and high performance

Where does Lumina Spark fit within the mediation process? We spoke to leading dispute resolution specialist Clive Lewis OBE to get the answers.

Featuring Louisa Scanlan – Sharing how she creates sustainable, life-long impacts for organisations

What part can Lumina Spark play in developing young leaders of the future? We talk to some young leaders to get their thoughts on leadership today.

The Adidas Finance Director completed a series of business coaching sessions incorporating Lumina Spark, Lumina Leader, and Lumina Leader 360.

Featuring Anish Hindocha – Sharing his six tips as a newbie Practitioner

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